July 22nd - Sounds and Freezers

The class on Urethral Sounds at the Wet Spot boyz party last night was really good. The instructor was Tom Gordon, a long time member of the Hellfire Club in Chicago and a man who has written on this subject - and others - authoritatively in our community for some years. He needed a crash test dummy for his demo, and Kev was the eager volunteer.

After all the help Kevin has been to me as a second, driving me to rituals where I hang from bloody hooks and stuff, I'd planned on doing the same courtesy, taking him to dinner before and driving him to and from. At the last minute he ended up having a family responsibility so we both grabbed carryout and met at the Wet Spot, and ate together there.

Tom is a grayed and grizzled gentle man, who presented professionally, and cared for Kevin tenderly. Kevin, needless to say, slut that he is, smiled through the entire thing.

Once the class was done we tried to seize the moment. Kev's front end was burning - will for a couple days, Tom said - so I ran up to the local food emporium for the Crisco party sticks [Crisco not only comes in cans, it comes in bars just like bars of margarine, perfect for one-time party use]. Kevin jumped in the sling and I found some gloves.

Once I got home from the party I did my best to catch up on website reviews. Jane and Jim have been merrily posting away and I hadn't been able to post a review in several days. I'd actually spent time reviewing and continually found myself sending out "please send me your password so I can see your stuff" letters. It's frustrating to get partway through a site, even start mentally composing "These Guys Walk On Water!" words, or even "Dis Place Sucks Canal Water" and then find you can't finish the review because they missed some legal notice or they gave us an expired password. Sometimes - most of the time, actually - being gifted with the justification to spend hours looking at smut ain't quite worth it.

Last night I finished a handful of reviews, including one for a really good site and one for a lousy one. All too often I find myself waxing on gloriously about some new site I've found that is the greatest thing since chunky peanut butter, and don't point out the nonsense often enough. There are so many shitty porn sites out there, so much of it is so similar, and we see all the worst. I tend to clench my anal sphincters once or twice and mutter curses in a wide selection of languages, reboot my machine to get rid of the endless pop-ups, and move on. I'm going to try to remember to mention representative examples to help folks avoid the pungi sticks.

Being nocturnal sometimes works against me. After working all night I had the freezer scheduled for 'first thing' today, which turned out to be around 10ish. Got to sleep around 11, phone woke me up several times, Hazel the maid arrived mid afternoon and now around 5pm'ish I'm just getting started. I do have a cold freezer with meat already cooling in it, though, a cuppa fresh coffee, and Jane just arrived to teach me New Stuff, so life gotta be good.

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