July 20th - Jane's Mountain

Happy Birthday, Sis! [My baby sister, who will never in her life see this journal, turns 49 today. Y'all wish her well, in her happy little Rush Limbaugh watching corner of the world.]

I missed the First Annual Wet Spot Nude Birthday Cake Schmearing party last week, that Jane discussed in her journal. I was honored that everyone was so dedicated to my enjoyment that they suffered getting naked and applying my birthday cake to each other. Jane told me she'd have me over for a birthday dinner to make up for it and that was tonite.

First time in recent memory that I've told the guy to put $20 on my credit card and the car actually took it all. May OPEC be dipped in flaming crude by their short hairs.

I took my time heading north to Jane's Mountain, heading slowly up old Hwy 99 until I found one of the gas stations advertising a free Mariner's ball for my antenna. Once I got my ball, it was a matter of grabbing a tall double iced caffeine jolt and an egg roll and on up the road. The drive, a matter of an hour and a half or so, was about 2/3 rush hour traffic and one third beautiful and rejuvenating snaking through green covered hillsides. That final third of the drive is so worth the first half of sweating and road rage.

I was greeted first by her thundering herd; Jane and Jim and the kids always make me feel welcome. We had a pleasant evening of food and light conversation, starting with all the kids telling me about their day camp and ending up on the deck staring up at the constellations and throwing dish. Instead of remaking a cake, Jane surprised me with a delicious rathleberry pie. The fresh pie ala mode was exquisite - I stopped short of covering it with fudge sauce, as the kidlins did.

When Jane finally started yawning and I realized that Jim and I were carrying the whole conversational load I took the road on down the hill and back to Seattle.

Got here in one piece and at 2am or so am settling in. I just threw a copy of "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" [I've been adding classics to my library] into the VCR when the infomercials took over from National Enquirer TV, and warmed up some leftover cioppino. A good video and a warm cuppa soup is pure comfort food right now.

Start the evening with good friends, rathleberry pie and french roast, and end it enjoying old friends like Andy Devine, Vera Miles, John Wayne, Lee Marvin, Jimmy Stewart and Woody Strode.

Life is indeed good.


Sweet & Lowdown soundtrack
Legends of the Accordian
Benzedrine Monks
Ute Lemper; Berlin Caberet Songs

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