July 19 - Inventory

Vamp wrote last night about an inventory of what she had within arm's reach around her desk. Scary stuff, lemme tell you. Fasten your seat belts.

Up on top of the monitor, a bottle of chamomile, a bottle of valerian root, a bottle of Viagra, and a 3" Roger Rabbit figure.

Taped to the front of the machine? Several ICQ numbers, phone number of a handyman, a note reminding me to "Erase Lots Of In-Box" [note is faded and old and still ignored], a list of reminders about which websites we don't review, along with the note that says "Re-Edit All Fields and Proof The Review BEFORE Hitting the 'Post To Janes' Button".

Scattered - stacked and beshuffled - about the desktop... last night's coffee cup with half a cup left to jumpstart me later when I next wake up... my landlady's email address... ID Millennium Silicon Lube 8.5oz bottle, half gone... boxes of business cards in several of my names... passwords for this and that... the special Mariners 2000 edition of the Seattle Times from April with the schedule, seating map, and broadcast channels... more than one empty 8.5oz bottle of ID Millennium... Tabor's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, American Heritage, Gray's Anatomy, & DSM-IV... an envelope of photos of Panther and I doing the Kavadi... a really dated manual cardex... 1oz can of Bag Balm... a uniform patch for the Imjin Scouts, memento of my days in the DMZ of Korea... battery powered fly swatter - this being the time of the year I actually use the damn thing as a fly swatter... half empty bag of garlic and onion croutons... 8 hair scrungies for my ponytail... a VERY food stained week at a glance Far Side calendar... delivery and carry out menu for the Rickshaw Restaurant... a stack of zip disks that HAVE to be put into order some year soon... a 3'x4' cork board covered with layers of everything from my Dad's high school graduation picture to an autographed pic from badkitty.com to an alumni association sticker of my high school to a snapshot of the tattoo work of a ronin samurai being done between my shoulder blades to a snapshot of my grandson on a pony in full cowboy regalia.

Lessee... books on the first shelf behind me: Practical Sex Magic... Book of Mormon... Memories of a Voluptuary... A Hand in The Bush... Exhibitionism for the Shy... Good to Go... Malleus Mallificarum... the first three Marketplace novels, the Beauty novels... The Sacred Path of the Warrior... Sex Work: Writings of Women in the Sex Industry... The Prince... Wicca-Guide for the Solitary Practitioner... Earth Dance Drum... Curious Punishments of Bygone Days... and a few more. There are about 40 more shelfs of books around here.

I don't have the courage to open the drawers.

Life is good. Disorganized, but good.

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