July 16th - Late Night

I headed over to the East side this evening, always a venture into uncharted territory for me. Marion and her primary partner had me out for a wonderful dinner of all fresh fruits and vegetables and two varieties of smoked fish, and a pleasant evening's company. They have a nice home on a secluded street, large pines all around and two beautiful loving doggies. We passed a few hours together and I'm looking forward to getting together with both of them again. She and I have chatted about a rather vigorous scene, he and I have chatted about a couple of things he wants to learn that I do, but primarily we've talked about the three of us getting together for some friendly fooling around. You know. Sex.

I'm trying to add more and more good old fashioned vanilla content to my play. All too often someone sees me sticking needles through a breast or using a battery operated fly swatter on a dickhead and they think that 'extreme' is all I can do or want to do. Sometimes there is nothing better than a group of friends throwing off their clothes and jumping in a pile. That was a substantial part of my sexuality for many years, and I haven't done enough of it lately. Let's hear it for skin on skin!

So, in case y'all haven't heard about it, my candidate for Miss Grundy of the Week is the fine police force protecting the god fearing citizens of Attleboro, Massachusetts. You can read some of the original press on this here. Some kinky folks had rented a warehouse for an S/M party and Officer Friendly happened to look in the door and see a woman spanking another woman, and arrests followed.

BFD. These folks should win their case, at the least have the charges dropped by any modern prosecutor, but in any case they are going to incur legal fees, they may lose jobs, if there are children in their families their custody can be threatened, all because some friggin prig of a cop saw someone having more fun than he himself had recently.

This is the same sort of nonsense that Kenneth Starr wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on. I didn't really give a shit about the entire Lewinsky affair until I realized that Starr was targeting Clinton based on who and how he fucked, which should scare all of us. Perjury? Forget it - I've wanted to get Kenneth Starr on the stand and ask him - under oath - if his wife knows that he still masturbates. In my opinion I have just as much or little excuse to ask him such questions as he had to inquire into Bill Clinton's sexuality. This is a man, Starr, who surprised his friends in college when all of a sudden he decided to go into law instead of the ministry. Those silly christians.

Enough of my now old and tired rant against Kenneth Starr. My point here is that Attleboro is yet another incident of people being targeted based on their sexuality. Who and how they fuck. Most folks are vulnerable on this - it's how the National Enquirer and Jerry Springer make their millions. I think everyone should let the local government in Attleboro know what you think of their provincial law enforcement. I sent a letter to the local Chamber of Commerce and let them know that although I have family in their area I will seek to avoid spending money in their jurisdiction. The response I received from an Amanda Moreau at that Chamber of Commerce was less than satisfactory. Drop them a note. Let 'em know that there are lots of adults out here who understand the concept of Consenting Adults.

And make sure you vote out of office everyone who voted along with Kenneth Starr [just in case you thought I'd forgotten and forgiven].

Life is good, but it certainly could be threatened by the Miss Grundys of the world if we let them.

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