July 16th

How to make Peter a grumpy boy. Spend several hours typing and detailing out at great length how interesting his Friday was, proofread and polished, and then - when he hits the SEND IT button, instead he somehow hits the LOSE IT FOREVER button. Sigh - I chose not to bother to reconstitute it; I knew what I'd said.

Oh - and to make him reeeely reeeely grumpy? Much later - say about ten minutes ago - when he is about 6 paragraphs into the next day's journal? Let the Windows Blue Screen Evil Spirit lock the whole system up, just before he hits the 'save' key. Reboot. Start journal entry over again. Grump.

Kevin and I ventured out this afternoon in search of a good cheap used freezer. I like to stock up, cook ahead, have friends who gift me with game, and figured I was due. Kevin is my techie expert on all things mechanical. The pickings wasn't very good at the used stores, though, and we stopped by Eagle Hardware just to comparison shop. I found a nice 12.5cf size chest freezer, not that much more new than I'd been planning to spend on used. It'll be delivered next week. Sheesh, after a life a being a nomad, gathering tshirts, paperback novels, and debts and little else, here in the past year I've bought a chain saw, stainless cookware, a new VCR, even friggin blinds and curtains and now a major appliance. Damn, I almost look like a citizen!

This evening after the Mariners lost to the Padres I headed down to Seatac, for the 40th birthday party of the gentleman who is the primary partner of the lady whose tits I bullwhipped at LIL. She's still showing off her bruises. Many friends were there, all in black and leather and see-through and looking good. The birthday boy - a top - took an impressive flogging from another, bigger, top. It was so good that about halfway through I found myself envious, wishing it were me receiving the flogging. It looked damn good.

Midnight or so I eased on up the road, swinging by the Wet Spot. I walked in and got greeted first by Annika showing me extensive new tattoo work, and then by Georgette telling me how lousy my timing was. Turns out Jane, wonderful Jane, had cooked me a lovely birthday cake and brought it to the Spot, but at a certain point of the evening decided I wasn't going to arrive, so - well, the best they were all able to describe to me, it included birthday cake, miscellaneous naked bodies, and the new shower room. I'm glad I could provide the excuse for such fun, but I sure wish I could have been in on it. Maybe her journal will give a better blow by blow of how my cake was used.

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