July 11th

What the hell is it about people that think that they can treat other people like shit, just because they're hurting themselves, and the other folks are "there to help"? Where's it say that "punching bag" is part of the job description?

So last night I arrive for a shift at my Other Job, where I do a health care function relating to people with substance abuse problems. Initially it was a bit crazy, as mondays are everywhere in every field. Just as I was getting my hands around things, sorting out my burdens for the night, putting order into the chaos inherited from our day shift folks, one of the staff gets hurt by a patient.

Not just hurt - sucker punched hard, hard enough to throw her into tears, hard enough to bruise her directly over the spleen, hard enough that the lightest touch on the bruise made her scream, hard enough to get her admitted to the hospital for overnight observation. The girl who was hurt was a gentle soul, and came up to maybe my elbow. The woman who punched her, a much larger woman, left wearing handcuffs.

This used to happen to me fairly often, but I was working in an involuntary psychiatric lockup. Part of the business, and part of why I got out of there after a few years. I burned out on wanting to be a healer and ending up being a cop. What was the crime of this poor girl who got hurt? She woke the criminal up and asked if she could help her. Wham!

Not ok. Not fucking ok.

Life is good, but the occasional asshole can really foul your vision of that for a while.

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