July 9, 2000 - Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me.

Fifty one years ago, in a town near Seattle, in a hospital that no longer exists, I was delivered into the world. For the first 18-20 years or so my family convinced me that this was a day worthy of celebration, and bribed me with lots of colorfully wrapped trinkets and sweet foods to agree with them.

Now the past 30 years or so I've gotten to really resent the fact that it doesn't happen any more. I've settled for splurging on myself, being nice to myself - basically doing pretty much what I normally do but I feel a tad bit more comfortable in justifying it. Plus I sulk a lot.

So anyhow, I've been exchanging email with a lady, name of Rayn, and got together with her this evening. We had played before, some years ago, in another life, and just ran into each other at the Pride Parade last month. She and I met tonite over on the East Side - foreign territory to me by choice. Strolled the waterfront, dodged dogs and bicyclists, had a fruit smoothie and stuff. Yuppies and their larvae everywhere, thick as fleas on a dog. I behaved myself; sure don't know who would ever say I can't do vanilla.

We ended up back at her place, watching big-screen TV and getting our piercings tangled. She ended up showing how much she enjoys playing with dicks until I was making those silly noises, collapsing further from a laying position, and going incoherent. Forget Viagra - enthusiasm and inclination go a long ways. Goddess knows, just for universal balance, I'm going to have to see her again soon and dedicate the evening solely to her pleasure. Sigh -looking back now I can remember several incandescent moments when she lit my dick up like a psychic birthday candle... or so it seems. Yippie-kay-yai!

I suppose dedicating the sexual energy to my feeling good about getting another day older is as good a thing as any other sex magick. Four years now til AARP. But who's counting.

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