December 20th

"To say that this goofy child president is looking more and more like Richard Nixon in the summer of 1974 would be a flagrant insult to Nixon." Hunter S. Thompson

I can't not talk about other things going on in the world. Here's the projection of a cynic. The mid-term elections are in November of 2006. Watch for gas prices, troop levels, coverage of deaths in Iraq, and protestations of newfound honesty all to be tightly managed in the media in a way orchestrated to best support the Republican Agenda. All puppet-stringed by Karl Fucking Rove, unless he gets a nicely deserved public indictment.

I've made my distaste for Bush clear in the past. I think he's a waste of protoplasm and has long since moved far over the line into malignancy. Recently, however, it's gotten worse. He is publicly stating that he has fiat authority to do anything he wants. He wants to be King George, and has been acting as if he is.

The good news is that enough people have been calling him on his lies and bullshit that he has had to start to start speaking outside his bubble. The latest thing is this NSA thing - he's actually convinced himself that if he says something is legal and constitutional, that means it actually is legal and constitutional. Reminds me of the old saw about 'how many legs does a dog have if you count it's tail as a leg'... the dog still has four legs. 'Counting' a tail as a leg doesn't make it a leg. 'Counting' it as constitutional sure doesn't make it constitutional. Oh - and anyone seen that Bill of Rights lately?

With luck - and the hard work of a large number of people who think like me - the stupid crook will be impeached. Here is a sample starter letter just written by Hanne, and offered up for your use. A Google search on the argument of 'impeach bush' tonight brought me 1,880,000 hits. For the fashionistas out there I found over 4900 products at Cafe Press with the same search. It's time to get active. The cold comfort that George Bush will wake up in a night sweat the rest of his life confronting the thousands of faces he has killed isn't enough. Putting him in the company of Richard Milhouse Nixon of being failed Presidents who were excreted from office prematurely is really required.


And now, following that political rant, a bit of palate cleansing.

Have you ever noticed that Paris Hilton's face never changes?


And now it's the Winter holiday season, with all the good and bad that comes with it. This weekend was Ealain's annual Solstice Sushi Party and it was a great success. Old friends and new friends, and tons of great food. Some day [or days] soon I'll be taking Ealain out to do some driver-arounds, to enjoy holiday lighting. She delights in it, the gaudier and tackier the better. I wish these folks were near here - it would be worth freezing my bum off just to sit and watch. Ealain is on break between semesters [she is doing a few classes to prepare for grad school] and we'll be taking advantage of it to spend a few days over at Doe Bay Resort. Yum! Woodstove cabin, a short walk from the clothing-optional wood-fired baths.

She and I have not been hitting the partys as much lately, and have been enjoying spending a lot of homebody time together. We're looking forward at sometime soon getting a place together. Now, since my landlord reads this journal let me just say that this is not "notice" or even warning of a "notice"... this is just my journal and me talking about wanting to live with my love. End of disclaimer.

I'm not writing that much these days. I'm not inclined to as much as I was in years gone by. In the past I was all full of these "hey golliwhillikers, but look at this neato stuff I get to do!", and I did that for years and years. I'm not feeling quite like that now. For the first time in many years I have a partner I'm building a life with, and it's good, very very good. I'll post on occasion, and probably even do the occasional "hey look at this", but mostly I'm simply enjoying having the sort of good life I've always wanted, and never quite had. Love is like that.

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