January 15th

Once again, I pop in with just a quickie. Oh, c'mon - Bri hasn't posted since 12/29 and Doxy, bless her cute little heart, dates back to late November... I'm not that bad am I?

Anyhow - I'm out of town tomorrow for a week and wanted to at least say hi there before I leave. My boss is giving me a high compliment - he's sending me to a medical conference that will mostly be filled with other docs of his calibre and just said, "Take good notes - come back and teach me what they have to say." Long time Slut readers will recall the dismal and malignant lack of respect and dignity from some of my prior employers, and now you know why I keep saying it's such a good job. I'll be spending most of the next week in sunny Phoenix [tomorrow's forecast reads PARTLY SUNNY... HIGHS IN THE UPPER 60S TO LOWER 70S... LIGHT WIND. The synopsis of the Seattle forecast for the same time is A RIDGE OF HIGH PRESSURE WILL BRIEFLY BUILD OVER WESTERN WASHINGTON TONIGHT AND FRIDAY...PRODUCING A BRIEF DRY PERIOD. RAIN WILL SPREAD ACROSS THE AREA LATE FRIDAY NIGHT AND CONTINUE THROUGH THE WEEKEND AS A LARGE FRONTAL SYSTEM MOVES SLOWLY INLAND.] My first stop tomorrow night is fresh guacamole with a bunch of friends from 3WA BBS.

So my neighbors are feeding the cat and fish, Hazel will put the trash on the weekend, and I'm gone.

When I return I'll hop right back into work, and coming up at the end of the month is the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival. I'm one of the volunteers that'll be there for a lot of it, and last year it was a ball! This year will be even bigger and better so anyone within driving distance of Seattle who can should definitely plan on a visit.

Following in February is the Lupercalia event in Edmonton, and this year I'll be teaching one of the workshops. Just to show you that life isn't fair, my "competition", teaching a workshop at the same time? The lovely Midori. Ah well - Edmonton in February is worth a visit even if my class all goes to see Midori!

So - it's after 10 pm, I have to pack, and I leave for the airport around 7 am. Love to all... and repeat after me......

Life is so good!

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