January 18th

I'm fried. Hurting in places I didn't know I had.

I spent the day packing boxes preparing for the move. I went down to the Wet Spot this morning to meet C.B., who was working on the computer system and he had brought a car full of flattened boxes for me. He said this was the third time he's loaned them out for a move in the past year. I'll get back more to him than he brought me, since I'm getting boxes from several folks.

It's just a fact of life these days that when I exert myself - carry a box of box of books from where I packed it to a staging area in the next room - I hurt. Methocarbamol is my friend and I've had to up my dose.

So - when I got to the Spot tonight around 10 I had just woken up from a head hanging back sitting up in the office chair nap, and I was so exhausted I mostly just wanted to schmooze a few minutes, recruit some more folks to help on Move Day [March 1st] then go home to sleep.

This was not to be. An old friend, a butch dyke who had offered to suture my dick inside my scrotum when I first met her a decade ago, asked me if I wanted a blow job. After I thrust my fist up towards the skylight exclaiming, "She saw the light! She saw the light!", she calmed me down and told me that she was putting together a gang bang for a girl passing through town. I told her I'd do it, gave her the standard disclaimer about my erectile dysfunction, and in a few minutes met her, her girlfriend [who was a friend of the Guest Of Honor], the blindfolded GOH, and half a dozen guys.

We got down to it, most of us stripping down fairly quickly and a dozen or more hands on her at any one moment. She was blindfolded the entire time. She had all three orifices filled fairly constantly and fairly vigorously for quite a while. I spent a while sucking the breath out of her mouth while holding her nostrils shut, then I took a turn kneeling at her head having my dick inhaled and wonderfully mouthed. I spent most of the time down between her legs, one or both hands in her front or back door. I readily stepped aside if one of the other guys stepped up with hickory, but for the most part we were a relatively limp-dicked bunch of gang bangers, so I went for it digitally and drove her to call out "yellow" half a dozen times. Damn, but I love that g-spotting stuff, feeling another dick in her cunt while I'm fingering her butt, all that sluttish fun.

I finally got my clothes on, BVDs shoved in my pocket and it took me 20 minutes to rest up enough to put my shoes on. A glance at the clock showed we had been there for close on to two hours. An old friend talks about "the best parties are the ones where you go home with your panties in your pocket" and I think she's right.

Later I saw the GOH in the smoking lounge, and I introduced myself. She didn't recognize my voice from the orgy, but as I was shaking hands I turned my large meat-hammer-like hand over to cover her entire hand and said, "You might recognize these". She gulped deeply, immediately understanding.


The landlady told me that she had told the real estate agent that I had until March. Now I'm getting hustled by the new owner of the house to be out mid-February. I understand their reason for needing the place then, but it just isn't reasonable for me. Getting this place packed, especially getting the other place urban renewaled, can't be done in a couple weeks with a real life schedule going on in the meantime. I'm recruiting friends for March 1st with the hopes it doesn't get ugly in the meantime. Film at 11.


You know, it really is true. People in my circle of friends are living the life that others only dream about. I've got to appreciate and respect that, and neither gloat nor be unaware of my wealth.

Life continues uncertain, but damn good along the way.

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