January 13th

It's looking like Casa Throckmorton will be moving 2 miles south on or about March 1st. That's the word from the landlady, who apparently is networking with realtors and brokers and other such fine folk better than the rest of the financial world. Last Saturday morning I had more folks parading through to "see what the basement is like". One lady was nice enough to let me know that my current bedroom isn't legally a bedroom because the basement window doesn't open. I hope I don't have to pay a fine for sleeping there the past 4 1/2 years. One complimented me on the "nice version of that song" I had playing on Winamp [...and ya know? Maria Callas does indeed knock off a mean rendition of that there Vieni, t’afretta song from Macbeth, don't she now?] Charlatans, every one. Real estate salesmen [all genders included], used car salesmen, press secretaries, cult recruiters - any one of 'em makes you want to hold onto your wallet and keep your back to the wall.

So, if you're local and a friend, fuck buddy, ex-lover, co-worker or whatever, I'll let you know on the day to gather all the pick up trucks and vans. I figure I've got a lot of chits and past or future favors out all over town and this will be time to cash a bunch of 'em. Probably March 1st. Heather? It's time to visit and use them kick boxing muscles. Bri? Helping a friend move is an excellent reason to leave the U.K. for a bit and visit Seattle. Bridgett? I'm certain we'll need some rope work assistance in this move. Katt & Wolfe - a Canadian cross-the-border assistance plan would be wonderful. Catsy? I have a pizza with your name on it.

Moving day should actually be the easy part. The first hard part? Over the next handful of weeks getting the accumulata of 53 years of advanced packratism into boxes. Thousands of books. I've thoroughly enjoyed filling my chest freezer and pantry. About 400+ VHS, 3-400 CDs and 180 DVDs. More miscellaneous toys and dildoes and magic wands and needles and ropes and mousetraps and tuning forks and and and than you ever wanted to shake a submissive at. Hazel, the amazing woman who has been my maid for three years now will probably put in some extra hours doing what she likes to do best - organize schtupf. The second hard part? Helping my new landlord - who is one of my best friends - prepare the new place. More square footage than I have now for the same rent, however there may be a tad bit of prep required. The prior occupants [it is a nice brick duplex] moved into the place in the mid 1950's. That also is when it was last painted. That also is when they last aired it out. Once cleaned and painted and stuff, it'll be great. A small shop area in the basement, one nice room in the basement to be totally dedicated to play space, a large storage area in the basement, and I'll actually be sleeping above ground for the first time in about five years. No more light-deprived blues in the winter. No fireplace, but an oil furnace.

I have decided on one treat. Since it appears that my pilgramage to Scotland will be put off until next year I've accepted an invitation from a nice lady from Edmonton to come up and see their Lupercalia event in mid February. I deserve a get away at some point and the awkward timing is a matter of my landlady's doing, not mine. Anytime an attractive lady from a town I haven't been to asks me to come in and do wonderful things to and with her... well, any good slut would have to consider it seriously! Plus the idea of sitting in a hot tub in Edmonton during the winter sounds rather bracing. I'll be doing a report here on the events, town, and whatever of the lady she allows.

I'm going to have to put some self discipline into the next couple of months, my weak suit. I'll be going through the calendar and putting PACK or CLEAN into blank areas where I would normally either schedule decadence or sit at home in sloth-like mouse-potato time. For now I'm not planning on cancelling any commitments I've already made. And for those of my friends to whom I normally would say, "Hey - wanna fuck" or the moral equivalent... trust me, I'd rather be with you than cleaning and packing, but reality rules. If we slip a little during this time, we will make up for it in short order. I gotta keep up my enthusiasm for my Life Is Good mantra somedamnhow!

[and bear with me on my file maintenance - I'll get a 2003 archive page done soon or later, I swear...]

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