January 31st

And another month gone. Insert a modified "Tale of Two Cities" intro here - "...it may not have been the best of times, but it was far from the worst of times". Let's move on.

I don't have a helluva lot here today other than a "whyizzit" and then another query for the Blue Blazer Regulars.

On the puzzled observation list - I was reading a conversation on Three Way Action about women's breasts, how and why men stare at them, and how offended most women feel about terms like tits, hooters, funbags, my old high school roommate's favorite - jyrooshki chalonays. [Ernie never did get all that much action and ended up a used car salesman.] In that forum, more or less as a gag, one fellow asked me about my own and if he could stare at 'em. I told him the truth as I see it: "middle-aged overweight A-cups". So, how come guys who put on some poundage don't wear bras? I know folks with gynecomastia do, but that's a medical condition. I'm just heavy. Whyizzit?

For the Blue Blazer Regulars, first of all let me thank one and all who made suggestions about my meltdown over Win98 problems. [And thanks, Boss, for not making any snide Mac suggestions]. My son, Catsy, installed WinXP/home last Saturday and so far it's working like a jewel, with none of the problems of the old 98. The only glitch is that my Logitech cordless mouse just won't work, and I'm using an FDR era mouse for now. That'll sort out when I get a hold of the Logitech people.

My first problem now is that I'm looking at needing one of those [term used fairly generically cuz I don't know the proper one] Palm Pilot things for work and home both. I want to find the best bang for the buck. There are some medical reference programs I'll need to download to it, but I don't need one that will polish my fine silver and sort the DVDs alphabetically while I sleep. I figure I'll use it for a good while, however, and don't want to just cheap myself on it either. Middle of the line probably, like I said - best bang for the buck. I'll welcome suggestions, hard won lessons, endorsements, condemnations, etc. My friends who have them are tired of me sapping their geekhood from them on this kinda stuff so I wanted to throw it out to whoever happens to read the journal.

Next up after I handle that - my first cell phone. Do you buy a phone you like and then find out what plans support it? Do you find the plan you like and take the phone they give you? Do you find a plan you like and buy a phone compatible? My worry is trying to get a good deal and ending up with a long term plan I can't get out of. This may only be a starter phone for me. I know I'm the last one on my block to get one [and still today, when I see people curling their eyelashes, drinking coffee, smoking a cigarette, yelling at the kids in the back seat, turning their big family van left in front of me while somewhere finding a shoulder to hold the cell phone to their head also, I pray for a license to have a front-mounted paintball gun]. Again, comments, tips, don't-do's, whatever ya got.

That's about it for now. Got a big weekend planned, with a couple of pretty over the line debaucheries, and I'll get back to you with the juicy details. Many many sharp items are planned, but - and this is for you, Boss - probably very little blood. It'll be a good life, if all goes as planned the next few days. Bye for now!

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