January 16-19th

Editorial note - I'm publishing several overdue entries, starting with the 13th, so do make sure you go back and catch all of them and don't miss anything in the posting flood.

Started Wednesday at the Sunlight Cafe with a nice lunchtime Hi How Are Ya first meeting with Chickie, a young lady I had exchanged notes with, after meeting online at Three Way Action. No, no, no... don't go there. It is nothing to do with 3somes or bisexuality or orgies or such. It's a bulletin board with a large number of online diarists posting [that simply started with three hosts]. And, for what it's worth, Chickie is happily monogamous, married, vanilla, straight, and all those homogenized terms to describe someone far different from me. Naturally, of course, we both enjoyed the lunch quite a bit, found each other charming, and have been exchanging 'safe' flirting compliments since. It's nice to make new friends, even if you don't think you're gonna jump in the sack with 'em. A little strange, for me, but it's still nice.

In the evening two friends, K&C, down at Repp's Big and Tall to help me shop for a new wardrobe for my New Job next week. They both have impeccable taste, an eye for bargains [the chain is going out of business], and they sweetly purchased one outfit for me as a congratulations on your new job gift, in addition to the chunk of debit card I spent. Thanks, girls!

And my week off is winding down. I've been doing website reviews all week, and obviously punching out a bunch of journal entries, but Thursday the only thing planned was a nice business lunch with Jane and Jim. Where did we meet of course? Tofu central, the good old Sunlight Cafe, second day in a row for lunch for me there. I'd sent Jane a copy of a restaurant review when we were scheduling, but I guess she didn't read it. The kodak moment was when she went over the menu and ... asked... in that little voice... very surprised... why... there... was... no... meat... on the menu of this vegetarian restaurant. Everyone managed to enjoy their meals regardless. There is no corporate offices to meet in, no daily business meetings, these period chats are what we have to enhance email and phones. We've found that if we have meetings like this every once in a while we don't bother each other with business questions at parties - which tends to make everyone avoid parties. The state of the Janes Guide, from everything I was told, is good good good. Hitting all time highs and we're adding new hardware to support the traffic. This is all good.

And on to Friday. I had an appointment in the afternoon I was looking forward to very much, but first of all I went in in the morning and spent a couple of hours getting oriented by the nurse I'm replacing at my New Job. Whoooeeee... can you say stiff learning curve, boys and girls? I knew you could. Monday morning I'd better be ready to hit the door already running. It's a busy office and the doctor expects a lot from his staff. And in addition to being scared [chanting the mantra: please don't let me screw up], I'm really excited about the new challenge.

Noonish I headed on down to the hospital where Chloe's little 2 month old infant is. He was born around 3 months early, and has about another month or so before he goes home, but wow! What a change since I saw at about 2 weeks old. He is more than double the size, out of those glass domed boxes they keep them early on, has a very strong neck, eye tracking, and is looking very very good. Chloe was nice enough to let me hold him and rock him in the chair for a few minutes, which was a wonderful gift. She was generous and gracious in the entire visit. She and I are still getting over being awkward with each other. At bedside, however, as she did her well practiced motherly chores our conversation was nearly as easy as it ever was. I remain very appreciative of her allowing me these visits to the nursery.

And the week in review update continues on through Saturday. I started the evening as DM at the Wet Spot from about 9-12mn. I like getting back into the groove of that. It's a role I enjoy and am told I do it pretty well. It's a good way to meet a lot of people, see everything that is going on, and to feel of service to friends and strangers alike. Georgette and Jim were up in Victoria and Jane has already talked about her fun weekend spent elsewhere. There were lots of people there, however, many of them new. Chloe has talked about the hemp rope and caning fun she and Viktor had, and Panther has gone on at some length in her recently rejuvenated journal about the fun she and her partner David had in a D/s scene. Hell, I'm the last one to mention anything about the party! As a DM, it was an easy evening, and Dragon Lady even relieved me early to go play.

I was quite disappointed when a planned bit of mutual fun promised for midnight fell through, however I recovered nicely when another beautiful young lady - unnamed here, as I have zero permission to descriibe her or our activities - who gave me verbal solace over my disappointment suddenly invited me to go back in the medical room and attempt to give her pleasure. I didn't hesitate. She had warned me that orgasms for her were very elusive, in particular for those men who brag "I can do it for ya sweetheart!", so I decided right away that being purely goal oriented was a losing proposition. I gloved up and got out that $48 bottle of Eros I'd just purchased and started diddling with her labia and hood ring, her obvious nether bits, and inward. Pretty soon it became apparent that hands alone would not suffice, so I just pulled my chair up to the gyn table and dove in face first. ... ... ... as best as I can now recall, I came up for air around 90 minutes later, with no Big O achieved but both of us enthusiastic about the experience, and looking to repeat it. This was our first time playing together and I gotta tell ya - the timing after a painful disappointment like that couldn't have been better. I headed home shortly thereafter, and that was pretty much the weekend.

Net sum of the week? Life's pretty doggone good. Next week, the New Job.

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