January 15th


Editorial note - I'm publishing several overdue entries, starting with the 13th, so do make sure you go back and catch all of them and don't miss anything in the posting flood.

Today started, so to speak, with a late afternoon doctor's appointment. I printed out my January 6th diary entry and took it in to Dr Cody, with the instructions that this isn't for my chart, but just for his background information of my general situation. My past med non-compliance, my erectile dysfunction, even a bit about the sort of sex-positive work I do and how I discuss these issues publicly. Frank talk - how prostate stimulation either manual or mechanical helps my limp willy, fisting, bisexuality, and sex surrogate activities. And I also told him the simple truth - with my New Job starting Monday I had the option of changing insurance and I stayed where I was solely because of him and my admiration and trust with him. Told him there's a fine doctor in my own community, and he and his boyfriend are both friends, but I wanted to stay where I was. He seemed a bit flattered and embarrassed, but simple truth. He liked what he saw from two straight weeks of med compliance - edema ok, BP ok, labs looking ok. We tweaked a couple of things plus - happy happy - he gave me an ongoing prescription for Viagra. Watch out!


That, I feared, would be the easy part of my day. I'd had a phone call the night before from Omaha, with a plea for help. Turns out the 15th is her birthday and Elf had wanted to take her to dinner and Tubs. That's how, a little bit after leaving the doc's office and pharmacy, I found myself driving down to their house to be a baby-sitter for their little one again. The first time, she was about 6 months old and cried the entire evening; she's now 27 months. Has there been any change? Well, she still needs diapers, but that and her name are about the only similarities. She greeted me when I arrived, watched TV quietly while I shoved down my burrito carry-out, we watched Bambi together, and then she played on her computer until nearly bedtime. Yes, her computer. Including their palm pilots they said they have a total of eight computers in the house. Hers is at ground level, and has software like Lion King and "I'm Ready For School" She is a quite proficient mouse clicker and knows her software quite well. I read my book while sitting on the couch next to her computer, and when it was time we got her into her pajamas, she brushed her teeth, read the book she had chosen for me to read with her, and off to bed. Her only upset was when she got into bed she said she wanted Mommy, but I lay down on the bed next to her crib and let her hold onto one finger until her grip relaxed in sleep shortly thereafter. By the time Mom & Dad got home, there had been no disturbance to her sleep.

All in all, quite a satisfying evening. First to be able to help out some folks I love have a good evening together. Secondly, it was quite personally redeeming after the first time... for the two years in between I've always felt bad about whatever it was made her cry. I know and Omaha & Elf know that it was simply her first time with anyone other than her parents, but I still worried. "Was it my beard?" "Did I do something wrong?" "I should have been able to calm her better." That's gone now. Now I feel I've got a new 27-month-old friend.

Life continues good.


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