January 14th

Monday promised to be a great day. Rayce, a cute little blond bunny of a honey and a very good fetish photographer, had arranged to stop on by with one of her models. The lady in question had previously only done 'good girl' stuff, cute angel wing pix of a family rated nature. She wanted to break that image, in a startling manner, and Rayce had enlisted my help. They were coming by to have me give the young lady [who goes by the stage name of 'Machinery'] her first taste of needles, and if it worked for her perhaps to do a photo shoot.

Scheduling, of course, is like a general's battle plan, which is only good up til the first contact with his enemy. I had offered 10am, she had counter offered noon, and through the afternoon she kept me caught up on their progress in getting here. They arrived just around 5pm, we chatted a while, and got to know each other. I found out that neither of them had eaten so I called the Rickshaw for about forty bucks worth of Chinese carry-out to make sure that none of the three of us would do a white-eyed rollback during the evening.

Machinery is an attractive & shapely young woman, early into adulthood and looking to stretch her wings. She came in wearing a black PVC dress in about the dimensions of a cheerleader's outfit, with a black PVC floor length apron over the front and black patent leather boots with about 3" soles and heels. Quite an image, against her pale skin and purple hair. I gave them a tour of Casa Throckmorton, we continued to chat and get comfortable with each other, and eventually we decided to get going.

She was looking for almost a Frankenstein look, the body parts sewn together. I'd planned on doing a semi-suture method - you place the needles through the skin, then feed your thread through the hollow needle lumen, and then pull the needle out leaving only the thread in the skin. Unfortunately when I opened the pack of black sinew I'd hoped to use it turned out to be too thick to fit inside any needle small enough to be tolerated, so we dropped back to Plan B, which was to place the needles and use the sinew to wrap each needle and lace them together.

Now, this was the first time for Machinery to be pierced. She had a lovely cutting on her back that was just done recently, and she said she had really enjoyed that, so I wasn't too worried. I placed a couple of sample needles in her back and after the first one she just sighed and made appreciative noises, and we both knew we'd be ok. I got going then. Around her neck - only on her shoulders and chest really; I will not pierce anywhere on the neck or face - and laced in an attractive pattern, around each upper arm in a staggered irregular pattern, and then from the outside bottom of each breast up and over, around the top of the breast down to end deep in her cleavage. Once her PVC was pulled up over the bottom needles on her lovelies it appeared to just disappear as if the breasts themselves were merely sewn on.

Oh, she was sooooooo high from these needles, and from the even more intensive pain of the sinew pinching her flesh. Happy happy girl, and pretty happy Peter as well. I was trying to calm a woody most all night long, since I had no right to any sexual advances with her. Rayce, on the other hand, professes to have aichmophobia, and continually averted her eyes - but then looked right back raptly again, moth to a flame. Once all the piercings and lacings were done and all arranged and stuff, Rayce set up her lights and such to turn my sling room into a studio set. We draped much of the mundane there [the industrial scene would be very wrong if the photos showed my kitchen on the other side], put up mondo lights, took my sling down and left the chains that normally support the sling just hang for atmosphere. I stood back and tried [unsuccessfully] to restrain my suggestions about 'try this angle' or 'how about from here' and stuff.

Rayce was shooting black and white and color both, and we saved some of the color shoots for after the needles came out. Machinery had said that blood was good, so I did my best to give good blood flow in removing the needles. I know I certainly gave intense sensation when I did it. Once the blood was flowing I played in it a bit - Rayce catching as much on film as she could. I finger painted some, I dipped my gloved hands in the crimson flow and let Machinery lick her own life fluid off my fingers [loved it when she gave me a moment's 'deep finger' suck in there!] I painted her lips with her own wet carmine lipstick. Oh, it was so tasty! I know I was merely the equivalent of a make-up assistant, but even so this sort of intimacy really goes far beyond that. We had no 'sexual' sexual contact at all, but regardless she invited me to penetrate her body, to let loose her body's life fluid. There are trust issues, sensation exchange, and in short it is as intimate of an intercourse as anything sexual could be. I felt honored to be so trusted, and even more so when she proclaimed how she wanted me to do much much more in a few months when she returns to Seattle.

Is there any question how rich my life feels right now?

[By the way - Rayce has shared a couple of sample photos with me - and they're hot - but she says they probably won't be done editing and up on her site for about a month. Do keep checking, eh?]

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