January 12th

Well, this should just be a short catch-up, with more coming soon. Yesterday was my last day at my Old Job and I now have about 10 days til I start my New Job. My wrist watch is in my pocket, not on my wrist. It is getting to be more and more of a busy week ahead - K&C are going to take me out to find a better wardrobe, Chloe is taking me in to see her growing little son, I have a doctor's checkup scheduled, possibly even a photo shoot. That's all 'next week' stuff right now though.

Right now it's 1pm'ish Saturday morning, just got back from a leisurely greasy spoon breakfast at the counter of the local bowling alley. The lanes were busy and loud as hell, full tilt bowling rush hour, but the coffee shop was fairly sedate. I took my walkman and my latest good read [The Debt Collector - and even with the quirky ending it was excellent]. I plugged in some of the usuals [Apocolyptica, my collection of classical club mixes, some Jelly Roll Morton] and enjoyed a couple of hours of relaxing artery-clogging. After finishing my book I pulled out pencil and paper and put down my thoughts organizing the pre-ritual rituals I need to do today, prior to the more extreme ritual Omaha and I are doing Sunday morning.

Specific details of that stuff of course doesn't need to be put down in here. I'm comfortable discussing face to face with friends, but not here.

This evening finally I'm gonna have a chance to pierce my friend [I don't have her permission to name her here yet; I'll just call her Babydyke for now]. She and I have been trying for weeks and weeks - seems like years - to get together for some fun. [She had to take some time to recover from an old injury's repair]. We've enjoyed piercings a few times over the years. It's never 'sexual' sexual - Babydyke only runs with women, as far as I know, and I'm happy for her, and willing to send her on her way with some happy endorphins to lighten her load. Still trying to decide exactly what to do with her this evening - sutures, needles, scalpels... who knows. Got some ideas. Anyhoo, I told her I had to be to bed early so we'll start early, and I can get home and start cleansing and focussing for tomorrow.

There are a lot of good people helping Omaha and I out tomorrow, and I want to say 'thank you' to them right now, and I'm sure I'll continue to for some time to come. When you're going to open and expose yourself in the manner that she and I are going to do, the security of a strong support structure is essential. In this case, it's proof of how your chosen family members help make your life as good as it can be.

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