January 7th

To CostCo We Will Go...
To CostCo We Will Go...
Hi Ho The Wallet Goes...
A Hundred Bucks Or Mo!

Off on a mission to wander CostCo, today I decided that CostCo deserved a soundtrack. I just recently picked up a CD walkman at a local pawnshop for cheap, and had a bunch of CDs I'd burned, so I packed up the headphones and headed up Aurora Ave to the nearest CostCo. A few days ago I'd noticed I was down to 2 rolls of TP, so I checked with friends to see if they needed anything on my trip and here we go.

In Chloe's 5/12/01 journal last year she talked about how similar our manner at CostCo was and describes it quite well: "a Costco trip is frequently the highlight of my week...Throckmorton... does Costco like I do... leisurely, going up and down every aisle, sampling all of the foodstuffs available for sample." A lot of it is more or less window shopping, and alone or with company I simply enjoy the journey. [I readily admit that this is a luxury I can enjoy because I can now afford to. I do make penance today by picking up about $75 of food and dropping it off with someone close to me who is out of work.]

Wandering in past the eyeglasses counter, and disappointed that the brunette with the statuesque body isn't working today, I plug in before strolling the electronics zone.

Think, Aretha Franklin

"Hmmm. Do I really need one of those small TVs in the kitchen? Nah. Wow - look how cheap the DVD players are getting today!"

Born To Hand Jive, Sha Na Na

"I wonder if they've got those Palm thingies to drool over? ...don't see 'em but they'd still be too damn expensive even here, I'd bet."

Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee, Grease Soundtrack

"800 sheets regular printer paper for the price of a ream? Score!"

Let's Work Together, Canned Heat with John Lee Hooker & the Chambers Brothers

"Sigh... black leather ergonomic executive office chair... just sniff the leather and move on."

Canned Heat with Quicksilver Messenger Service, Fried Hockey Boogie

"It's a good teapot. It's a damn good teapot. I really need one that whistles and isn't scorched through the bottom. But I'm just not going to buy one that only comes in that color of yellow."

Leon Russell, Jumping Jack Flash

Nope nope nope, no wine for me thank you. Right past the bakery to the Carnivore In Conspicuous Consumption aisle. A six pound pack of hamburger to divvie up into 1lb baggies in the freezer, and about ten pounds of pork blade steaks to similarly individually zip lock. Chat with the butcher for a bit, and he reassures me that at the end of the day he is more of a meat eater rather than less. I'd bet myself a nickel otherwise. Oh, well.

Techno remix, Carl Orff's Carmina Burana

Out back, pick up the bale-of-hay sized pack of TP, my justification for the trip, and swing right on past the cheap cat food that Littleone won't touch, and come back through the frozen stuff. One bag of frozen stir fry veggies and a bag of frozen boneless skinless chicken thighs for the load I'm dropping off.

Techno remix, Tocatta & Fugue in D Minor

"Hey - fresh pressed apple juice free samples." One jug for me, one for the donation box.

Hall of the Mountain King, Apocolyptica

"I can show you how, sir. When you trim the top off of the bag of fresh roasted beans you don't cut too much or you won't be able to reseal it after you grind it. Just pour it in the top and use this brush - not your fingers - to push the coffee down into the grinder. Yup - I agree. Six bucks for 2lb of Costa Rican dark is the best deal in town."

Jelly Roll Morton, James P. Johnson & Fats Waller - Carolina Shout

"Are you the managing pharmacist? Can you explain to me why you continue to only carry the Trojans with spermicide? Haven't you seen the studies of the harmful effects of non-oxynol-9? ... ... ... OK, [sigh] what's the address of the fellow who does the ordering for all the stores? What do you mean he doesn't have email?" [wander off grumbling]

Interracial Cowboy Homo Kinda Love, Rev. Horton Heat

Circle back and work my way up the center seasonal aisle. Hmmm. Black leather electric massaging recliner, with a demo model out here on the floor. "No, ma'm. I wasn't really asleep. I was just test sitting the chair. Thank you."

At The Hop, Sha Na Na

Pick up the two-pack of DVDs, "The Young Lions" and "Patton". Pick up a copy of "The Sims" in computer games [last member of my peer group to succumb] and put back the DVDs.

Ella & Louis, Bess You Is My Woman Now

"My gawd, look how short the check-out lines are middle of the week, middle of the day. Why in the world would I ever come on a Sunday again?"

Jimmy Durante, Smile

Bottom line, under $200 including a few luxuries and a lot of staples and basics. I'll be back in a month or so. I'm very lucky that my life is this good in material things. Now to go work on the rest....

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