January 6th Part II

I really love the atmosphere at the Bondage Party at the Wet Spot. It's much softer, in many media, than the Saturday Night Pan parties. The music is gentler, the lighting even seems to be warmer. There are fewer barriers erected in the room, and everything is much lower key.

I'd planned a scene with Tristan, but she was uncertain if she'd be able to get there. I brought my stuff and hoped, and shortly saw her coming in. She has dark hair and pale skin, gifted with a voluptuous body. She was wearing a black corset-like thing that showed her cleavage nicely, and a long black skirt. I set the hospital gurney in a well lit corner, and she dropped her clothes to show that the shoes, top, and skirt was all she had worn. Perfect!

We started with a few moments of calming breathing exercises, and then she got in place on the gurney, supine, head up about at about a 35 degree angle.. I had told her about cold steel and hot wax - I had a bag the size of a small bookbag full of steel chain, which had been sitting in my chest freezer for 24 hours. She got her first clue just how cold steel can get when I put on a pair of heavy leather gloves to handle the chain with. From the first dangle of the chain over her throat she knew how cold it can get, and realized that some extreme sensations were going to be inevitable. With the help of a friend I wrapped her down to the gurney including a wrap around her neck holding her head in place, a wrap around her lovely breasts, several around the body and one in a figure-8 around her upper thighs. Cold. Very very very cold steel. There is a certain ... certainty to that feeling.

Once all the chain was securely in place I got out the rest of the equipment. A small black cherry votive candle and several of the 6" candles I got at Ikea last year. At first I simply used the votive to keep the other candles lit but before too long I just started flicking the purple wax on her too. Oh, I dribbled wax and flung wax and held the candles high and held them low. Poured enough wax on her nipples to where I kept peeling off 'nipple molds' - and of course the nerves in the freshly exposed skin were even more sensitive to yet more wax. At one point after I figured the chain had pretty much risen to the ambient temperature, Annika grabbed me a cup of ice. Ice cubes rubbed on spots that had just had had burning wax dripping on them don't know which way to go. I left some cubes over different pertinent areas of the body, and then dripped wax on them trying to melt the ice [but all I got was wax-enclosed ice cubes]. Several times she proved herself quite disciplined at holding very very still - a lit candle balanced precariously on sensitive areas of the body will bring that out. I lost track of time but think we must have gone on for well over an hour, a good fun hour or so.

It was a nice pleasant scene. I know we both were glad that we had a chance to do it - I had a ball and she said it was "just what I needed".

Yup - you guessed it. Life is good.

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