January 28th

It's Sunday morning and yesterday was a lot of fun, but this morning sickly stuff is creeping back in. I woke up this morn with worsening congestion, the green yuckies. I was up at 9:30am and after a little bit I headed back to bed for another hour or two. I was due down at the Wet Spot for the NLA yard sale, and did go down for a few minutes, bought some books from the folks at Greenery Press, but stocked up on echinacea and vitamin c and such on the way home. I called Omaha and cancelled for the bondage party tonite and called work and told them to replace me for tomorrow's shift. Dammit.

I hate being sick. Most of my life it hasn't been an issue; I've always been hearty. Lately things have been breaking down, and I'm not all that happy about it.

Saturday was full and fun. I spent the afternoon at a workshop on basic erotic bondage by Jay Wiseman. I first met Jay a few years back when he presented at the University of Washington's Society for Human Sexuality, and we have a lot in common in our backgrounds, so I welcomed the chance to learn a bit more about the man. He did a fun two hour presentation teaching some real common sense basics. I ended up volunteering to be the crash test dummy for my group, cuz I was sitting between Kevin and James, two bondage aficionados.

After the workshop I came home - Hazel had done her usual wonderful job cleaning house while I was gone - and did up a teriyaki scallops and veggies [red onion, asparagus, cabbage, garlic, green onion] stir fry while watching [guilty pleasure] C*O*P*S. I went back in to the Saturday night party not with a play agenda but rather to get a chance to chat one on one with Jay and seek his advice on some publishing questions. Unfortunately, KSlave's partner, C, didn't know I had a leisurely viewpoint on things, so when he took my bosslady Jane off for a bit of play, he handed KSlave over to me and told me to watch her.

Well, hell now, what do you think he expected? I sit there and discuss current events? I think not. We fooled around on the couch for a while and ended up going out onto the dungeon floor. I hauled a spanking bench around to an open area and - after asking for a tad bit more vigorous music than the sominex that was playing - proceeded to have a great time spanking the living daylights out of her cute little bottom. No implements at all, just palms, fingernails, knuckles, and one or two thigh-bumps. I know I sort of exceeded myself by how limp rag wrung out I felt, and also by the fact that I had to get band aids for her cheeks - they were dribbling a tad bit of blood just from bare hand contact. Normally I don't let that much of The Beast out in that sort of activity, but KSlave really reaches up to meet you halfway in that sort of thing. She is exceedingly loverly, and made very nice grateful comments to me later as I was leaving.

I didn't stay all that late, although I suppose it was around midnight or so before I headed home. Jay and I had a chance to have our chat and I'm appreciative of his advice to a young writer.

And here's about where we began, talking about my calling in for work for Monday. Life is good, but I know if I had my druthers, I'd choose the patting a pretty girl on the tush part instead of the aqualung part.

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