January 25

Thank you thank you thank you, everyone who sent me words of encouragement as I lost a couple of days of my life to the green apple quickstep. It's over, I'm recovered, they gave me my money back and swore they would make their egg rolls more often and not make up large batches days ahead of time.

Oh, so much has been happening and the mid-December malaise that settled over me [and much of SexPositive DiaryLand, it has appeared], continues. I've blamed it on the holidays, blamed it on bad Chinese carry-out, today I'm blaming it on a long grey and rainy Seattle winter. No real winter, no real summer, just days after days of grey, wet, muddy, bleak. I'll let ya know in a few days how that excuse seems to fit. For today, it sounds right.

Among reasons, I really wanted to get my strength back from the food poisoning ahead of the weekend. I became ill Wednesday around midnight, and lost track of everything but sleep and violent evacuation until about Friday night. By Saturday night I was largely recovered, although still weak and with a lot of residual pain. My esophagus, my entire GI tract were strained and aching.

I put a good face on it, and rose above it all, because Beverly was coming in from Vancouver. She had dropped me a note back in December and asked if we could get together. I had been part of a tag-team of tops that tried to get through to her many years ago at a Kinky Couples party [Georgette reminded me the other day that it had been she that had gotten Beverly's attention with a paddle, after all of us testosterone-laden types had failed with our whips, floggers, nerf bats, and other implements]. At the time she had a reputation of being a 'heavy bottom'. We've bumped into each other only on occasion for several years, and her invite was a flattering bolt from the blue. For a week or so I'd been soliciting "your heaviest toy" from several friends, in anticipation of being severely challenged. We had a lot of fun exchanging teasing emails for several weeks, she reacting suitably fearful and I invoking whatever scary juju I could think of by way of foreplay.

I picked her up for dinner at her hotel room and we enjoyed a marvelous prime rib at the Berkshire Grill that opened up a while ago near Northgate. Beverly is a very classy lady who looked stunning wearing a long black gown, however when we got to the Wet Spot she changed into more disposable clothing. [Panther was jealous of how good her 'disposable' clothing looked...]. We moved out onto the play floor and I laid out every striking implement I could think of, all my floggers, nerf bats, single tails, a 1lb rubber mallet, bullwhip, the whip made of strips of steel-belted radial - hell, I'd have put the kitchen sink there if I could have disconnected it. I also got a couple of loaned nastyasstoys [tm] [a suede braided cat, rubber-tubing flogger, and a high density polyethylene paddle from Kevin, a humongous BigBoy flogger, a large stainless steel spatula, and a thudder made of a 5" rolled up bundle of towels from Viktor] and laid them out as well.

All that was just a visual at first, as I brought out a razor sharp hunting knife and proceeded to invoke significant terror shredding her clothes piece by piece. She was marvelously responsive, apparently being exquisitely aware of just how clumsy my hands were, how fast they were moving, and how sharp the knife was. Once the clothes were gone I allowed her to put back on a small piece of lingerie, as she prefers not to stay totally nude in a group. It did nothing to hide her beauty, or to interfere with my working my way through every whip and flogger I had, from the lightest to the heaviest. The braided cat got her attention, as did the steel belted radial and Viktor's stainless steel spatula [it has a striking surface about a foot long honeycombed with air holes], and after most of the rest had faded I got out the short bullwhip and proceeded to turn her toches into raw hamburger. Literally. After a short while I started drawing blood and after a couple of band aids proved inadequate began to slap pieces of medical tape over each opening... before I was done her butt was white tape from top to bottom, side to side. What got through to her the most of all the various tools? The plain little poly paddle from Kevin. It's a very dense thing, some sorta space-age single molecule state of the art sort of synthetic and it just plain hurts. [He tells me he has a larger one...].

After hydration and a brief moment's respite I had Malice stand by with Beverly for a moment, bottom-sitting, while I shifted implements into the medical room. I had brought everything from scalpels to a suturing kit to needles, uncertain what she'd ready for. Beverly had told me via email that she had had some small amount of needle play in the past but didn't know how extensively she'd be able to go. Of course during our online foreplay I'd sent her suggestions including a photo of the Borg Queen's leather/latex body suit sutured to her torso, and these all did apparently get her excitement/squick factor climbing, but I wasn't sure of exactly how far to go. As it turns out things went quite well following their own momentum. I built patterns of needles on her breasts, endorphin buttons, with a few 5/8" straight in ohmygod'ers, and she got a pretty gaga "I'm flying now, thankyouverymuch" expression in her eyes, so I backed off on the needles for a bit. I checked to see how moist all this had gotten her and the moment appeared perfect to help her reach out for a bit of nirvana. Looking back I seem to recall fingering her vigorously enough that I was thrusting the entire gyn table back across the floor into the wall, but at the moment it just all seemed to be a whole lotta fun.

We had a moment's anxiety when the needle count was off coming out. Twenty-eight needles in, twenty-seven needles out doesn't work and we both hunted until we found the errant little sharp on the floor. I helped her across the room to the shower room and while she showered up - including all the whimpers as she removed the yards of flogged-in medical tape on her glutes - I went back and cleaned up after ourselves.

Looking at the clock was a bit of a shock. We had hit the play floor at about 9-9:15pm and it was half past midnight when we backed down. I was fried. Wrung out. I'd used all my reserves, and drove her back to her hotel, made my excuses, and went home to bed, exhausted and satiated. A wonderful top experience throughout and sorry only that it had to end so early.

Along the way of the past few weeks I've been negotiating with two separate ladies - both beautiful and classy in their individual unique ways, who have each asked for discretion. I won't be going into nyms or details here in either case until set free to do so. The basics are that in one case I'm negotiating doing a slight small little bit of, gulp, bottoming [notice my anxiety and old trust issues immediately begin to crop up :) ], and in the other I'm negotiating a bit of mutual fun while I introduce her to some of the range of play available in this kinky world of ours. In each case it's a prospective Happy Thing [tm]. They are both intelligent and inventive as well as sensual and attractive and I'm enjoying getting to know them as friends first, before moving on to fuckbuddy or the moral equivalent. There are some interesting poly issues, different in each case as the two ladies are both quite different in many ways, that are fascinating to work on solving. I'm working with Hazel to get the home plays pace cleaned up from the winter sloth of a storage space that it has descended into so that it can be well used for some non-public play.

And so it goes. I'm writing this nearly a week after the play with Beverly. My apologies to all for the sloth. Life continues good, whether sick or well, playing with others or milking my own cow, at work or at home.

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