January 13th

Again, a catching up.

One of my Happy Things is to pass on a passion. Friday night I took Omaha to see Crouching Tiger and she caught my passion. Walking out she said that she'd have to find a baby-sitter so she could take her hubby Elf, that he'd love it too. We were both caught up in the poetry of the movie, and feel it's a Best Picture candidate. I had previously thought Gladiator to be the best I'd seen of 2000, but I'm rethinking. Just like comparing Saving Private Ryan with Thin Red Line. Both were technically quite competent, but Malick simply had a sense of beauty and poetry in his work that Speilberg didn't quite grasp. I feel the same way about CTHD - it's the beauty of it in many different aspects that sets it apart. Plus I think Woo Ping has as much to do with it as anyone; he did the choreography for CTHD as well as "The Matrix". If you go back you'll find him in such as directing the original Drunken Master with Jackie Chan.

Saturday turned out to be one helluva long day. I'd heard from Megan, owner of Camden Chameleon up in Bellingham was in town competing in a swim meet and I went over and spent some hours cheering her on. Mid afternoon I came home to work on website reviews for a while, and ended up late afternoon heading over to look at furniture again, and ordered a hutch to put over my desk and hopefully get organized. It'll be here later in the week. I mixed together some homemade honey/mustard/oyster/garlic/wasabi/etc marinade for some diced up chicken and had a marvelous stir fry of the chicken mixed with cabbage, turnip, sweet onion, brussell sprouts and green onion I'd steamed over a pot of chicken broth. Yummy!

Saturday night I decided to go over to the party Sol was throwing instead of going to my usual pansexual party at the Wet Spot. Turns out I missed little, apparently, cuz many of my friends from the Spot turned up at Sol's.

Early in the evening Rapunzel - one of Sol's housemates - and I retired to her room to explore the contents of my cane case. She likes canes but I did warn her - and I have witnesses - that the cane case actually holds more 'cane-like objects' than it does actual canes. Silly girl that she is, she kept asking to feel them even after she saw what I dumped out of the case. A few rattan canes [one thick, one medium, and one skinny-nasty], one nice split cane wrapped in leather, a length of screw threaded steel, an aluminum arrow sans point, a 30" plastic piece that started life as a venetian blind's handle, a piece of 3/4" PVC tubing, a carriage whip, a nerf bat, an apple switch, a 36" yardstick, several knitting needles, and my pride and joy - the springloaded CB antenna. We had a happy time for quite a while, she trying not to inhale the pillow she was resting her face on and me putting my attention on pinkening up the areas of her upper thighs and gluteous that she would be rubbing against the office chair at her all-night shift that would start at midnight. I did try to make sure that the welts were symmetrical, but a discerning viewer contrasting their purple against the background pink/red could probably tell that I'm right hand dominate. She's a lovely lady, and once my cane-swinging arm got tired I ended up laying back on the bed with her gloving up and exploring my nether regions. I do believe I made a bunch of those gurgling non-verbal noises, and I do believe she came into a close personal relationship with my prostate. And I do believe we both had a ball.

When I scooted out the door to run to the shower I noticed the house was filling up, so we moved on out and got more social.

Panther was there with her husband and their girlfriend, Kevin was looking good, I saw James briefly, Matisse graced us with her presence, as did Aries, Sol's partner Mighty Mouse [looking out-fucking-standing in a homemade dress of latex, I believe it was, and duct--tape], Boop, Malice, and quite a few other folks, very few of whom were strangers.

In a little while I found Kevin down in the basement dungeon doing electrical things to Boop with the help of a lovely assistant, and I assisted for a bit. It went marvelous until suddenly it didn't, and Boop - having enjoyed herself until the experience took a bit of a jog - ended up going home early, unfortunately. [I spoke with her later and things had simply gotten overwhelming, and the lesson learned was 'less stimuli, in private', as the random noise and interruptions from unseen strangers was intrusive.] I hate it when lessons have to be learned.

About this time Rapunzel had to head off to work. I won't be filling in all the blanks of party interactions - I'm sure you can dub in "coffee, chickenwing chickenwing, schooze schooze schooze" as well as the next person.

Sol, genial host that he is, kept pushing this new lady at me so, after Malice introduced her to his single-tail, I went and got my whip case out of the car and gave her a nice introduction to the selection. She had already been whipped on the backside so asked me if I'd please flog her lovely and large freckled boobies... as if I'd hesitate. For someone with limited experience she was marvelously responsive and very brave. I'm gonna have to discuss getting to know her a bit better.

A bit later, as Panther has mentioned in her journal, she borrowed some needles from me so Sparkle could do a piercing scene with her, and Sol honored me with asking me to do a cutting on him. Now, knowing that any cutting is potentially a permanent scarring, no matter how superficial or temporarily intended, this is quite a burden of honor. "I trust you, do what you feel like" is quite a thing to say to someone at a time like this. I contemplated for a while and visualized and ended up carving a roughly symbolized phoenix bird, arising from a cloud of flames. Simplistic and crude, but quite representative of the boy evolving to a man, being reborn in the cauldron of life. I used an 18ga needle as my cutter - several of them, as a matter of fact, as they grew dull. He tolerated the pain quite well [a beautiful woman standing at his back, giving him loving hug support did nothing to diminish the strong boy/boy energy of our moment]. Once we were done Malice got us some art paper to blot it with, and Sol and I each will have a copy of the blotted-blood artwork [in addition to him having the original on his arm!]

A long Saturday, ranging from a swim meet at the local pool early in the morn through all the debauchery and arriving home at 3 or 4am. Sunday consisted more of the frustration of continually trying to get a website review done - hell, I [i]wanted[/i] to do a dozen of them! - and half a dozen different times I got the review partially typed up, from memory of what I had wanted to say, and my system crashed. My fancy schmancy new mouse would suddenly lock up and not move and I'd have to PowerOffReboot just to get going, losing my draft each time. By the time I finally got it entered and actually online I felt like I'd already been through a longer Sunday than I had on Saturday, even though awake only half as long. Argh. I love computers I love computers I love computers.

Anyhow, Monday morn will be a short workday, as my Other Job is observing a holiday, so I will wander in around 9ish and do a few hours work then come on home, collecting holiday pay for the time I'm there. Tuesday will be the actual First Real Workday Of The Week for most folks. I love short weeks!

Another multi-splendored weekend, and filled with continual proof that Life Is Good.

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