January 7th

Just a small interjection - well, a starterjection, I suppose, coming at the beginning of the recounting. Saturday morning I stopped in the cable TV shop. I'd decided that life without the Sci-Fi channel wasn't worth living, and told the girl that I wanted to find out what I had to do to get it. She started to tell me about digital this and converter box that... then she pulled my account up on her screen and told me that I already have the Sci-Fi channel! I told her that I'd never had it before [although the last time I'd played with all those weird channels was a few months ago when I was trying to find channels with baseball games on them]. She gave me a program guide explaining a channel upgrade dating back to November and sure enough when I got home I'm suddenly flying from Nickelodeon to Lifetime to Sci-Fi to Comedy Central and I had a small realization that the concept of self control and discipline is something I'm going to have to really work on developing. That, or see if I can get the Extra Strength Melatonin...

Saturday evening started quietly and pleasantly. Annika and I met for dinner at the Sunlight Cafe her first time at one of my favorite places. Dinner was excellent as usual, and conversation ranged through the Usual Suspects [pagan spirituality, bleeding consensually, poly issues, mentorship]. After dinner we wandered down the road to Scarecrow, which I've pronounced often as one of the top two or three video stores in the nation. We each checked on a special order [I'm waiting for The Executioners, to satisfy my Michelle Yeoh appetite] and I grabbed used copies of both Wild Side, rumored to both be one of the worst movies of all time but also with a girl/girl/ scene with Joan Chen and Anne Heche, and also Flatliners which is also supposed to be a clunker, but it just called to me.]

On we went to the pansexual party at the Wet Spot. I really didn't know if I wanted to schmooze or wander on home to websurf. I chit chatted with a few friends and enjoyed the light no pressure social stuff that often gets missed if I come in with a play agenda or a DM assignment. Jim was there, as was Jade, Coyote, and Panther and assorted other friends. One friend mentioned to me that he had care and custody of another friend's sub for the night while he was out of town. This young lady, call her Olivia, is someone I'd admired for a while and so I decided to stand in for her missing dom and give her a good old fashioned flogging.

I got my whips from the car and we discovered of course that sitting in the trunk of a car in Seattle in January can be a ... chilling ... experience for leather and steel shackles. She gave appropriate shudders when I chained her to the rack at waist and ankle and we both enjoyed an hour or so worth of first-play-getting-to-know-you-here's-an-orgasm-damn-but-your-butt-gets-pi nk-easily kinda fun. She stood up well to the flogging both sting and thud, had her first ever nerf batting ["I didn't think you _really_ had a nerf bat?!?!?!?!?!"], and I marked her slightly, bilateral welts on the outer surface of her lovely breasts, with the singletail. After a bit of aftercare we separated to schmooze with our individual friends for a bit, and I ended up home fairly early. It was fun - and I was bone tired as well.

I slept in a bit this afternoon, Sunday, and waited for a call from Rapunzel. She works nights, as I used to, and our schedules are absolutely the worst for conflict. Dammitall though, we really enjoy each other's company. We have to fight to fit our encounters in between - tonight, for example, she woke up about 5pm, has to go to work around midnight, and I have to be in bed in time for a good night's rest before my first of three 12 hour days in a row. Tight scheduling.

We started at Tony Roma's where we both indulged our top-of-the-foodchain tastes. After a substantial feed [and enough boxed up for tomorrow's lunch at work] we headed on back to her place for a nice but all too brief session of caning and spanking and wanking before we had to head off in our individual directions. She to prepare for work and to try to figure out clothes to wear that won't irritate a severely welted butt and thighs; me to do my best to wrap up a meandering journal, lay out a clean uniform, and to try to sleep over the chemical reality of too much caffeine.

Another pleasant weekend, with a variety of riches.

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