January 5th

I'm starting and stopping my correspondence still, not writing well, even after the holiday psychosis is passed. I hope I don't have to wait til 4th of July just to get back to a sense of normalcy.

I'm writing here about the wonderful time I had at the New Year's Eve party at the Wet Spot, but I'm writing several days after the fact. At the time the events were so overwhelming that words on a page or screen seemed inadequate. I'll try to just give the basics here, and recognize that the significances were much more for the individuals involved.

Kevin was my date for New Year's Eve, and we were invited to introduce Boop to the joys of electrical play. Boop is a beautiful and voluptuous Asian lady, who works as a scientist at a level far above my education. Bless her heart, she loves to rub the belly of older men like me, and has also won a special place in Kevin's heart.

We set up in the messy room at the Wet Spot, which had a curtain over the door for the night. It's right beside the dance floor and this was a mixed event, with dining, dancing, S/M play, and sex all going on side by side.

Just before Boop arrived I was chatting with Uther and Abelard, Jade's husbands. Both are techno geeks, Uther especially, and when I told them what we were about to do they had to be there. As Boop got on the table and we began to hook up this and that implement, Uther and Abelard were courteously respectful, quiet, and as the play progressed were quite helpful in an unobtrusive way. Uther is good with vacuum tubes and buttons and gizmos, and Abelard, as far as I know, is curious but not as experienced.

We started with Kevin's TENS units, one on pads over her coccyx and mons and another hooked to the bipolar nipple clips he has custom made. We added each step slowly and gradually, the Mean Green Machine being added after the initial machines started having a noticeable effect. One nice thing about the MGM is multiple outputs [Kevin has customized two in addition to the original manufacturer's two]. I put patches on her legs, a conductive metal 6" mesh under her tush, and started using one of the defib paddles in various places, all over the place. Kevin did some outer labial massage [she had asked for no internal vaginal insertion] and I added the Hitachi Magic Wand. Here's where it started getting a bit special. The wand is nice and powerful, moving it around the clit, the labial lips, on Kev's hands, and it was obviously helping the ecstatic effect. I put a latex glove on my hand and lubed my longest finger, and started to insert it in her rosebud pucker, with the Hitachi vibrating my finger and hand. I was cuing Uther on small adjustments on the MGM dials, and he was holding the defib paddle on her two feet together. As she began to climb the sensation ladder, I moved the Hitachi in to vibrate directly on my hand with the finger deep in her ass, the vibrator held in my other hand leaning against her labia and the handle of the vibrator leaning up firmly against the length of her nerve endings all the way to the top of her mons and she was arching her entire body, thrusting her crotch against me while I leaned my entire weight into my thrusting finger and the power tool and my god but she went over the top yelling and ejaculating and thrusting and oh god it was overwhelming. Gads. Whew. Oh my....

She was wrung out, exhausted, flipping and flopping around and not really able to make coherent conversation. We started unhooking and covering her with a sheet and disconnecting and getting the electronic stuff put away. I was covered with a sheen of sweat and my arms were limp noodles. Uther had that special smile on his face as he put the defib paddle down and Abelard just looked at me once as he was leaving, and said "I'm convinced."

A little while later we had all separated to hydrate and munch and schmooze and stuff and I found Kevin and Boop sound asleep in the aftercare room. I watched them affectionately for a bit and left them to their afterglow. I pinned on a DM badge and helped juggle play space with players for a bit, as clearing the dance floor of racks and stuff had cut down on available space and in this pre-midnight time it seemed everyone wanted to paddle or flog or spank and play space wrangling was a chore.

As midnight approached I went back into the aftercare room and Kev and Boop and I all shared group hugs and group kisses to celebrate the arriving year. We had planned all along for Boop to lube Kevin up and plumb his depths anally just as she had for me recently, but it was obvious to all concerned that she wouldn't be in any shape to do anything responsible above the level of getting herself home safely.

A couple days later I heard from Kev... he said that Boop had called and told him that she was still agog, and had had an epiphany in the orgasmic rush that night, on how overwhelming the orgasm was. I was honored to have been allowed to be along for the ride.

Finishing the week up in a circle, I ended up at Boop's house Friday night the 5th. She and her roommate Aeries are as different and similar as can be. They have much in common and much absolutely different; one tall, one shorter, one blond[ish] and the other dark, one at the entry of her education and one at the graduate level. They are compatible roommates, with many interests and friends in common. The three of us enjoyed a lovely dinner of pan fried Cajun pork chops, Spanish rice, an apple salad, and conversation.

After dinner and coffee Aeries got dolled up and stepped out to do come clubbing, and Boop and I chatted at length. We discovered that we have incredible common ground in both being videophiles and as well I came home with a long list of names to plug into Napster for my music research.

We didn't talk about the scene. Didn't really seem to need to. We just got to know each other better and I'm richer for the experience. She's good people and I'm glad to welcome her further into my circle of friends.

Life continues to be good.

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