February 28th

Is it just me, or was it strangely incongruous yesterday to do two different yet oddly related tasks on the same trip home from the office? First I stopped at the grocery store and had the fish monger nicely filet me a large trout, and second I stopped at Petco and picked out several new fish to be pets in my smaller tank.

I had the common decency to use two different bags to carry them home in.

I'll be sorting out the ethical questions for a while.


Last weekend in Edmonton was wonderful. I'd been invited to do a presentation on sensual, artistic, and spiritual cuttings and scarifications, and at the last minute I was asked if I would fill in for another instructor and do a hands-on presentation on play piercings as well. Travel went well, and Koi hosted me as well as being my model for the cuttings demo. Everything seemed to go quite well, and the attendees were quite complimentary with both classes.

One of the other instructors was Fetish Diva Midori, whom I first met at the first ArtBound in 2000. It was nice to renew her acquaintance and I finally did buy her book on Japanese rope bondage - I told her I thought I was the last person in Seattle to get their own copy. She'll be here in Seattle and Vancouver in the late summer, and I'll certainly encourage folks to see her no matter the topic taught. A nice lady, and a very rewarding speaker.

Workshops were Saturday and Sunday, with a final play party Sunday evening. My two workshops were first thing Saturday, so I had some time on my hands. One of the ways that the flattery for my presentations was given was that during other lectures once I was completed I ended up going to hotel rooms or even alcoves at least four different times to give people their own personal piercings or cutting. One of my peak experiences ever was being invited to the hotel room of a stunningly beautiful woman - very much a sensual hedonist cut from a similar mold as my own - to give her her first ever piercing experience. Actually I had given her a few intro needles in her arm during the workshop and with the first kiss of steel I could tell it was an ecstatic thing for her. In her room I filled her lovely and large breasts with steel, and it was quite the vision to watch her float off on an endorphin cloud. Once we were done with the piercings and all the needles were out and cleaned up we filled the jacuzzi-built-for-two in her room and lay back in both bubble bath and jets for as long as we could keep the water hot, just chatting, occasionally sucking on her toes, and getting to know each other better.

When I was a young man - little more than a grown boychild, really, on R&R from Korea and visiting Japan for a week, I ended up being hand bathed and then laying back on satin sheets being hand-fed strawberries and cream by a beautiful woman. It was a delightful memory never since matched and never forgotten. I was struck by the thought of that day from the spring of 1970 while laying in the bubbles in Edmonton here in 2004, morning sun lancing through the window and utterly at ease, that I was having a sensual experience that I would treasure as long and as well. Many people hope to have just one of that quality of sensual experiences in their life. I've been very very lucky.

Koi ended up keeping a list of the folks who were asking me to do a piercing or cutting on them at the play party Sunday evening, and the list kept growing. Including one or two who spontaneously approached me during the party, I believe I helped 8 different folks with placing surgical stainless inside their flesh. The party management had set up a nice safe area in a corner with bright lights and table and stools and sharps and plastic-tarped floor and the DM's were quite supportive. It was all quite professionally done. Another top shared the area with me as he did some power-stapler work on a lovely young lady [a lady I had done a cutting on in Vancouver in November, actually] and it was quite an active little corner of the room. Periodically I'd have a bottom float off into the ether or get on hands and knees with her head between her legs, and when I had a moment I snuck back to the snacks table to keep my energy up. I was in full slut mode - not sexual slut, but just "Next!" slut mode. It was fun - exhausting, but fun. Not only doing the piercings or cuttings, but keeping on top of how each person fared, ensuring that their primary partner was with them and that they had good aftercare, and generally trying to balance fun and responsibility. That balance is rewarding to me, fun and responsibility.

Thank you, Edmonton, for inviting me, taking such good care of me, and sending me home feeling so respected and appreciated. And all of you folks up there who I told to come on down to the Wet Spot - well, what are you waiting for? Koi - as always, you were wonderful. Offering your skin as a canvas, introducing me to your family, hosting me and just being a friend. I'm looking forward to the next time.


I left for Edmonton having weighed in at 250.5, down from 275 when I started my diet. While gone for four days I ended up not taking my diuretic, which I take for hypertension and edema, not for diet. It's an effective medication, but when I take it I know that within 20 minutes I'll have to pee, and I'll have to do that every 20 minutes for about 3 hours or so. I have to time it according to my activity, and that was problematic when traveling. I arrived home last Monday, however, to spot-check my weight and found myself at 262.5. I was fairly alarmed, but just started doing my proper medications and diet. Friday morning when I weighed in on my regular schedule I hit 249! Through the 250 barrier! I recovered the 12 pounds of water weight I'd put on plus continued on down another pound and a half! After such a distraught Monday, Friday's numbers were wonderful!


Oh - by the way... the first entry in this journal was February 2000. Here we are, four years later now, and life continues good. Let's hope for many more.

Well, that's some of the good life that the slut has been up to lately. Next up? March, where our favorite slut's one and only son turns 30, at which point I'm certain our slut's hair will finish turning gray. Stay tuned.

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