February 6th

Just a quickie, before I vanish.

The carpet and linoleum went in Tuesday. Hazel is over today helping me with packing more clothes than the starving children of Ruwanda could ever wear, and Catsy is due imminently to help breakdown the computer and move it.

Tomorrow I have to be at the new place at 8am to meet the cable tv/modem man, and I have to have the computer there for it. Very very shortly this afternoon I'll feel the needle slipping out of my vein ... scanner, disconnecting... monitor, disconnecting... MP3 library, disconnecting... I'm already starting to shake and sleep tonight will difficult. I hope it's reconnected before the sweats start.

Saturday morning at 8 with the coffee and donuts, is the ultimate safeword on this place. I'm excited about recreating a totally new living environment for myself. I'm excited about the playroom downstairs [I have a deal working with friends to buy their OB/GYN table, stirrups and all... the sling will be up permanently... I'll have a child's wading pool for those activities that might moisten the floor... many shelves for sorting out the tools and implements of destruction... it's gonna be nice eventually.] I'm scared for Littleone learning to be an indoor cat again. I've already started seeding the cat carrier that KSlave brought over with catnip so she'll be used to going in there. Saturday she will have to be in there a while, til all the dust settles and the doors are all closed.

Bottoming to the universe and insensitive real estate agents is about to end. Life is getting better daily. See ya soon.

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