February 7th

So, why did Peter stop at Blockbuster tonite, middle of the work week? At the end of the day my boss told me I'd already put in over 80 hours in the past two weeks and to go ahead and take Friday off. Yippee!

Oh - and happyhappy news! In the mail tonite was a package with two CDs in it. Judy Henske's new album, 'Loose In The World' - and also a copy of her first album - released vintage 1963 on vinyl - now released on CD. But wait - there's more! A nice personal note from Judy enclosed on her own homemade stationary. If you don't know who Judy is you can go to the Amazon link here and listen to the small sample they have down the page a ways. Better yet just believe me and buy her music. Andrew Vachss in his book "Bluebell"says "If Linda Ronstadt is a torch singer then Judy Henske is a flame thrower."

On the news today was a story about two prison escapees - both convicted murderers - who invaded a convenience store in Oklahoma, and held the clerk hostage. They might have given up earlier, but, "They weren't out to hurt anybody," said West, the 65-year-old store owner, who was released unharmed. "They were just looking for something to eat and a way out of here." He added: "I don't believe I've ever seen five men eat as much as those two boys did." Reportedly the felons sat around all night long chatting with their hostage, eating beef jerky, drinking beer, and smoking Marlboros, enjoying a few minutes of relative freedom before surrendering and heading back to the pokey.

Now, following in that vein of a man setting simple and achievable goals and reaching out for them, I figured I'd take a gentle look at my New Year's Resolutions, a month into the new year.


  • I resolve to improve my physical health. Stay current on my medication compliance, find a way to increase my exercise, do what I can to end 2002 physically healthier than I am ending 2001.
  • I've not missed a day's meds since the first of January. Got myself one of those little 14 pocket med boxes, for Sun-Sat AM & PM, and set up a week's worth at a time. Cutting back a tiny bit on my caffeine. Still gotta get on that damn stationary bike over there by the fireplace. I still find myself saying exercise! with the same quirky tone that Maynard G. Krebs said the word work!. Saw Doc Cody in January and will again mid February.

  • I resolve to improve my emotional health. See Raven when I need to and work with him to find the tools so I don't need to as often.
  • Things are going well. I've had my feet stably on the ground since right around the first of January. The ritual on the 13th was excellent [and I STILL have a bruise from the fishhook on my right chest]. With the help - much of it painful - of friends, I'm working on 'stronger than ever'. Not there yet, but I'm in that direction.

  • I resolve to make more time for Kevin and I together in 2002 than was made in 2001. He's too important to me to take for granted or lose track of.
  • Yup. We're talking often. We've started a new tradition of the two of us getting together at my place for a 'guy movie' on DVD and eating and dishing all the way through it. It's a good thing, and our knuckles aren't even dragging on the ground.

  • I resolve to continue to slowly improve my home from garage sale hermitage level of quality to whatever the next step up the line is. I'm not worried about bells and whistles, but the trend I began in 2001 of occasionally buying a new towel, a new set of sheets, and rotating the old stuff to the trick towel stack or the rag bag, does help me to feel better about myself and less ashamed to host others.
  • Slowly but surely. I have an offer of a large collection of IKEA bookshelves soon and it will make such a difference to get the stacks of DVDs off the floor, get some of the books on their own shelves instead of stacked double and triple on a shelf, and to finally be rid of all of those damn plasterboard 3' high things you use in college.

  • I resolve to continue to learn new recipes and gradually ease my diet from farm-boy artery clogging to healthier and still tasty.
  • Well, I finally noticed that a large steak just feels too damn heavy in my stomach, so apparently I've been doing some changing. Not nearly enough though. I've reloaded MasterCook on my hard drive and will be hitting it for more cooking suggestions. Elf and Omaha had me over to their place to show me a low fat and tasty meal, and I've got to get their source books and magazines from them so I can research more on my own.

  • I resolve to manage my time online better. Cut down on the mindless and purposeless web mainlining of the net junkie and be more productive. Website reviews, writing, journals, correspondence, actually managing my hard disks instead of them managing me. Switch things around to where the computer is the bottom and I'm the top.
  • Well, installing XP/home has gotten rid of 99.9% of the problems I'd been having, even the ones everyone told me that it wouldn't. That makes my time online much less frustrating. I'm getting better each time at mastering my own journal and it's upkeep. Other than that - sorry. Still wasting waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time in the chair here.

  • I may consider introducing a second cat to the house. Consult with Littleone on her territorial instincts and don't make any rash moves here. Ending 2002 without adding a new cat would be better than trying and having a catastrophic situation midyear.
  • Well, everyone has said that the blizzard in Hell was related to the Patriots winning the Super Bowl, but I'm still very cautious about this one. I may well still be cautiously considering the idea in December....

  • I resolve to create more spiritual time, both solitary and shared, and to use it to help all of the rest of my life.
  • It's happening on a personal level, and I've had two significant shared ritual type activities in the past few weeks.

  • I resolve to be conscious of my friendships, and to work to make them quality.
  • Intertwined with several other resolutions, this is progressing slowly. Doing this for real can be real hard work. Just as with handcrafting furniture, when you do it well, it's worth the labor put forth

  • I resolve to continue the networking with the other sex positive professionals in the Sex Writer Ghetto, and to take steps with each of them to help move us up out of that ghetto with pride.
  • I'm keeping in touch with Hanne and Vamp and Heather and Bri and Jane and others, most daily. Next step ..... ???

  • I resolve to never turn my back on John Ashcroft.
  • I'd sooner reach up into my asshole and pull my eyeballs down and inside out than turn my back on this dangerous dangerous man. We just have to keep exposing his craziness continually [and giving full light of day to his little connections to Enron and such don't hurt.] Thomas Jefferson said, "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance" and this is certainly an apt place for the quote.

  • I resolve to do as best as I can to master my new professional responsibilities at my new Other Job and to make my new employer glad that he hired me.
  • It's going quite well. He is glad he hired me, and I'm working daily to do a more and more professional and competent job. It feels damn good.

  • I resolve to pull these resolutions out once a month, and rekindle flames when needed.
  • Quod erat demonstratum.

  • I resolve to resolve my transportation problems early in the year.
  • Zero zip nada zed nowayjose --- no progress.

  • I resolve to strengthen my grasp on my sluthood and live it to the fullest.
  • I'm working the issue. Can you call it momentum when it's glacially slow to get going?

  • I resolve to finally start to take steps towards fiscal responsibility. Baby steps, but steps.
  • Give me a couple more paychecks at my New Job and I'll have a pretty good idea where I'm going to be able to go with this. I'll be doing my taxes soon [hopefully with K & C again :} ] and moving to do some planning for the new year.

  • I resolve to remember the price of my own self respect and self esteem, and to not readily squander those resources.
  • Yup.

  • I resolve to never forget just how good life is, never to forget the price paid for it, those who have gone before, and those who will leave under my view. I resolve to continue to live, affirm, and proclaim that Life Is Good, often and loud.
  • And again, I resolve to never forget just how good life is, never to forget the price paid for it, those who have gone before, and those who will leave under my view. I resolve to continue to live, affirm, and proclaim that Life Is Good, often and loud! Again and yet again.

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