February 3rd

I got the antibiotics on Monday the 29th.

I was next lucid on Thursday morning. I was able to polish my doorknob - successfully - for the first time since Saturday. I'd averaged about a meal every day and a half since Sunday and realized that I hadn't been out of my sweat pants since Monday as well. [If I answered email to you or posted on your mailing list or BBS between Sunday and Thursday, I sincerely apologize for whatever I may have said.]

Friday I was strong enough to meet a friend for lunch, and did a few reviews.

Today, Saturday, Hazel my housekeeper was here and spent many hours doing a marvelous job making the house a home again, while I worked on catching up on website reviews. Tonight I went down to the Wet Spot to do a 3 hour shift as Dungeon Monitor. It was really the first exertion - other than Friday's salad bar at Zoopa - since last weekend, and two hours was enough. I was staggering, a bit lightheaded, my lungs ached, and sweaty. Damn, I hate being sick. This flu/bronchitis just weakened me and drained every reserve I had. I hope to be strong enough to go to work at my Other Job on Monday.

One bright spot? I enjoyed reading what Carol Queen had to say. [Thanks to Debra Hyde at Pursed Lips for the referral.] Don't forget - it's Doctor Carol Queen, and you can't argue with the doctor's prescription. It's medical advice I'll certainly be trying to follow. :)

I know that life is good, but when you're this weak, you have to 'know' it by taking the long view.

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