What a wonderful gift I was offered tonite. I have to tell folks about it.

February 19, 2000

Several years ago Tom Finch, founder of Body Circles Jewelry, created a breast-press/kavadi type device. Kavadi is a form of extreme ritual you will see in National Geographic magazines or Charles Gatewood films [a Yahoo search under 'kavadi' will offer many references with both photo and text]. Tom had been a lover of breast training and piercing for many years. One of the most exacting craftsmen you would ever meet, he made a beautiful press with the bottom half smoothly contoured mahogany, and the top a heavy plastic of some sort, wing-nutted down to accommodate breasts virtually any size. Set into the plastic are a couple of dozen stainless steel tubes, and the entire device has a waist belt and a neck strap.

Once the press itself is in place there are 18 stainless steel skewers, 12" long and exquisitely sharp, at a ball park guess somewhere around a 10-12guage in thickness. The skewers are slid into the steel tubes, through the tubes, and into the breast. Fruits and vegetables are traditionally stuck onto the top of the skewers to add to the gravity feed into the breast tissue. I chose baby lemons this time, both for the convenient size and for the citric acid that leaked down the skewers to add to the sensation.

My partner here was Panther, who had a general sort of idea what was planned but just enough to be very very apprehensive. [And who has given her whole-hearted enthusiastic consent to this being posted and to her being identified]. We sat up right in the middle of the front of the play area at the Wet Spot - not that either of us has a single bit of exhibitionist to us, no sirree not us. Kinda hard to miss the beautiful young lady with purple hair and overly gifted mammary delights. There was a nice spotlight from overhead that made everything very visible. When she sat down I did use the wrist restraints attached to the chair handle, just to make sure that no sudden motions damaged either her or the device [or me]. Cleaned the surface to be addressed, and obtained her husband's assistance in placing her abundant endowment in the proper place on the mahogany, in between the bolts ... she barely fit. The transparent top piece in place, we cinched the wing nuts until there was a boob sandwich nice and squished... and she thought that this horizontal mammogram-type pressure was all. Hehehehehe.

One by one, the skewers were placed into their tubes [many more tubes than skewers, so the artistic/sensation arrangement was very flexible]. The first couple slid in, with no significant pain. I then added a fresh lemon to the top of each, and they settled a tad bit more into their resting place. As I continued, I started placing one or two lemons onto the top of the skewer prior to dropping... ok, on occasional thrusting... them into their tubes. Before too long we had about 16 penetrating her. Towards the end of the skewering, I took one skewer and put it horizontally through her nipple rings, a piece of Styrofoam corking each end, and then used that ring/bar arrangement to tie the neck strap off to.

With everything in place, we began the second half of the experiment, which is walking about the room, interacting with people, and being fucked with by myself and her husband - the only two allowed to touch her. Our touching included frequent squeezing of the lemons, to dribble a drip of citric acid into the penetration, for additional sensation. It included tapping on the tops of the skewers [individually or an armful at once] to make sure they were well seated. On occasion it included thrusting down on the individual spikes to ensure they were in fact through the skin surface and into the pressed breast. Setting a tall double latte on the press - it is kinda tray like. And encouraging her to jump and down. And helping her up onto furniture so she could hop down from it. Playing music so she would dance in different ways that made the entire device move about and on more than one occasion, bring her to her knees.

Unfortunately for her laundry, she tends to ejaculate when she orgasms, and this can on occasion happen too quickly to anticipate or prepare for. Kinda like those sneezes that happen before you know you're gonna. She may or may not know how often this happened tonite; she confessed to it several times.

After a couple hours of wandering and getting to a ga-ga state of neverland unlike any she'd recently known, hubby and I mutually agreed "It's time for you to sit down and have this off". We reversed the process, removed the skewers, released the press, squirted the obligatory alcohol spritzer onto the little pokey-holes, and wait for her to stop shuddering.

Segue to the Aftercare Room, for mutual comforting and appreciation expressing, details best left to those involved.

Two high points were (1) Panther and I agreeing that the exercise needs to be repeated, outdoors just the two of us in nicer weather, not to play at all, no fuck-around-with, etc., but done solely as a spiritual ritual. Should be a wonderful and totally different experience. Secondly (2) was Georgette commenting on how proud Tom would have been - he passed away several years ago - of the proud manner in which Panther wore his device, and how she seemed to exude the sort of energy he would have appreciated in the exercise.

My sincere appreciation goes out to Gale, Tom's partner of many years, who has loaned me the device.

All in all, a really nice way to start the evening off! Life is so good.

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