December 31st

This past weekend was a perfect example of how and why I have my mantra of "Life Is Good" that I repeat so often and so freshly sincerely each time. It was a wonderful last weekend for the year.

First thing Friday morning I weighed in and was 259. Early October I began my diet and weighed in 271 and 275, within a week or so. Somewhere in the low 270's. I'm now in the 250's, and plugging away at it slow but steady. My resolution for the new year is to simply keep on keeping on.

Sis sent me a check for $50 and told me to buy something I wanted with it, so of course I dropped $100 on a new aquarium. It is a nice 29 gallon tank, three times the size of either of my current tanks. Hazel and I got it set up Friday during the day and I do enjoy looking at it.

Friday evening I was to attend the Wet Spot's twice monthly sex oriented party, Erotic City, with Shawn and Deco. Deco ended up picking me up, taking me to their home on the north end, and then driving the three of us. It's always so weird when I'm not the driver - I don't know if I'll ever get used to it. Shawn is still working on her celibacy and Deco and I have only played rarely, so I joked with them about how ironic it would be if I ended up arriving at the door of a sex party on the arms of two beautiful women and ended up going home without having sex. Not to worry [although I did]. First of all it was simply good old fashioned fun to be there while they were getting ready and helping them to chose their outfits, help lace them into corsets, and all. It showed the acceptance and trust in our relationships, and was much more a rollicking good time than it was either purely erotic or simply domestic.

Once at the party I met with J, a lady I've played with on occasion with great delight, and also met her good friend Lehrerin, who I felt a bond and attraction with immediately. Lehrerin was fun to talk with, dance with, a great kisser, but said that she wanted to wait to get to know me better before we were intimate. Note that I said she was a good dancer - it was a sign of my 'taken with' that I ended up on the dance floor. It's a rare thing. When she accepted a dance with someone else I wandered into the back where J and her guy had invited me. We had some good fun on the massage table - first I fisted J and then when it was my turn on the table she pounded my prostate with my favorite dildo while her guy masturbated me. I hit one of those points where even though I didn't ejaculate, I had orgasmic experiences to the point of being unable to string together more than one word in a row. Happy stuff! Deco and Shawn had fun all night dancing to the R&B band that was playing that night, and later dropped me off at home. A good night.

I had email from Lehrerin before I got home Friday evening, and after a couple of exchanges I was invited to join her and J for brunch Saturday. I met them at the appointed time and restaurant for an hour or so of further getting acquainted and caffeine. The weather was continuing to change and by the time I left the restaurant and got to Schmarr's housewarming in Lynnwood there was a dusting of snow. I enjoyed her family and seeing their home, but for once decided against a soak in a hot tub and headed on home after a while. I'm still learning operation of my new car in the weather and since the windshield wipers have died, I wasn't all that keen about spending a lot of time on the road with the snow falling.

Saturday evening I had a fun date scheduled. At the Christmas Eve pajama party at the spot I had run into Sher and her partner, who I'd first [and last] seen at Wet Spot in Paradise. She and I had had a lot of fun there and then Labor Day weekend, and we ended up with an impromptu spanking and fisting and such Christmas Eve. Her guy is the best - tells me outright that he has no problem if she and I date without him involved. She took a big chance Saturday evening, in that she is claustrophobic and agreed to be mummified. I did blindfold her and put headphones on playing Mickey Hart's Music to be Born By, but I didn't mummify her head with the pallet wrap. I did wrap her arms and legs and then the entire body, and we then lifted her onto a massage table. I left her lie there for a while, then had a lady whisper into her headphones how sexy she was, and later had a guy do the same. She still doesn't know who said what! After she was into her controlled environment for a while I began to insert sharp toothpicks into the wrap at certain places, then to vibrate the toothpicks with a tuning fork. Eventually I exposed her breasts and then her pussy. Other sensory items I used included a piece of fur, a green scouring pad, a cat's currycomb, a wartenburg wheel, and a garden weasel. We had gotten permission to take a few digital photos, which turned out fine except that towards the end you only see my back, and can't see the detail of the fisting or of how beautifully she was responding to it. There is a certain delicious flavor to having an orgasm when restrained, or to helping someone to have one. After she had a chance to recover, take a nap, snuggle with her guy, and generally rejoin the world, she and I headed into the back room. She gave me oral worship that was sublime, and then I capitalized on the hickory dick [that is recovering nicely since I discontinued Wellbutrin] and enjoyed fucking her little rosebud. I know I make the most of what I've learned over the past decade of erectile dysfunction, but it surely is nice on occasion to be able to stick a hard dick into a willing partner and just fuck. I remember looking up at one point and seeing her guy stand at bedside just smiling - is this a great world or what?

Sunday Lehrerin and I had decided to catch a movie and dinner. We saw Mona Lisa Smile, which was a fine movie. I was rather embarrassed to be a man when I got home and read the fairly sub literate and macho "it's a chick flick" nonsense in some of the user comments at IMDB. It was an amazing revelation of our society as it related to women in the 1950's, and of course I love the quirky Maggie Gyllenhaal. The movie was enjoyable and dinner after was good, and we then retired to my place where we were able to get to know each other very very well. Although I've led a life of satisfying my craving for instant gratification as often as possible, our intimate time was all the more precious for the anticipation. I have every hope of seeing much more of Lehrerin. She is intelligent, humorous, attractive, and not at all like me in many ways. Our differences are as interesting as our similarities.

You can see, dear reader, looking back over Friday through Sunday of this past week why I continually feel gratitude that my life is a richness, and why I continually affirm Life is Good.

Here's to an even better 2004!

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