December 14th

It was indeed a full weekend, and I even let slide some of my plans. Gads, I don't think I would have survived everything I had written on the calendar.

Saturday stared off with a brunch with a grand collection of folks. Mama Bear Cabbie had invited me and it's always a happy time when I get to see her and her lovely partner. What she didn't tell me was that I would be the sole honored man at a brunch get together of abut 7-8 women of the dykelike persuasion. I had a ball meeting some of Cabbie's other friends that I hadn't known and seeing a few friends I hadn't seen in a while. A very pleasant morning.

I went down to the Vendor Fair at 3 p.m. or so and proceeded to quickly spend money. I got a nice 30' length of hemp rope, already conditioned and soft as a baby's butt, a collection of spinal tap needles, a vibrator the size of your pinkie that runs off of a watch battery, and a few other tools and implements. After dropping Too Much Money I came on home along with a couple of ladies. One had asked me to help her with a concept she had - suturing a series of loops up one side of the forearm and back down the other, so she could do a lacy gauntlet threading a pretty red ribbon back and forth between the loops. I did the suturing on both of her arms and then her girlfriend did the lace threading, and then we all adjourned to the bedroom to thoroughly enjoy the endorphins that had been generated. Yay good fun all around.

The girls left to go show off the gauntlets at a munch and I went down to Jeff Hengst's studio for his open house. An outstanding artist - take your time and go through that link - and realize that he has hundreds and hundreds of panels stacked up in his studio, fascinating stuff. Incredible artist, and one helluva nice guy. He painted Panther and I after our skin hook ritual a few years ago and we talked about wanting to do further poses. The day is not very far off when he will make it big, very very big.

After I left Jeff's I wandered down to Chen's Village for a bit a pleasant luxury - a good meal with no tight scheduling to worry about and a good book to read while I'm relaxing [the latest Honor Harrington space opera]. I had a gigantic bowl of egg drop soup and had them keep my sizzling oyster sauce scallops and beef dinner hot in the kitchen as I leisurely slurped. The restaurant staff was nice enough to give me all the time and room I needed. As much as I enjoy a dinner at home in front of the DVD player or a nice meal out with friends, a meal out by myself with a good book is high on my guilty pleasure list.

I'd planned on heading out to the Longhouse to a party with the new NWSPS that stepped up to fill the gap when the Sextopia folks imploded, but I just didn't have the energy to drive to Redmond. I got to the Spot and actually sat down on a couch and closed my eyes and did 30 minutes or so of grounding and centering and breathing exercises. Everyone thought I was taking a nap, but so much for appearances. I asked a new friend if she would give me a flogging, sort of a hi-how-are-ya back massage between friends. I don't think I've had a flogging in a year or so. It was kinda nice, woke up the skin and perked up my nerve endings. Towards the end I asked her if she would flog my breasts and genitals for a bit, cause I do that to others a lot and I need to remember how it feels. It's all good!

I actually ended up home fairly early, around midnight or so. I knew I had an early breakfast today [I'm writing this Sunday evening].

I met Jane at Mae's Phinney Ridge Cafe . Now I've never asked Mae, but she always loves my tshirts and she has GSBA stickers on the door of the restaurant, so she's ok in my book. I took Bridgett there a week or two ago when she was in town and Bridgett got to sit under the Elvis wall. Today Jane got to sit under a thoroughly Holstein wall. Poor girl, she had an accident on the way to the brunch. She slipped on the step hurrying to the car and fell, her entire weight landing on her hand, impaling her car key into the palm of her hand. She was a bit wan and obviously in pain, so I tried to keep her smiling. OK, what I really did was convince her to get a tetanus shot and to have a doc look at it to make sure there was no internal damage, but I did tell jokes as well. I felt bad for her - I know it has to hurt a lot. She and Natasha left for retail therapy, but it didn't really look like shopping alone was going to be enough for the day.

I had tentatively scheduled to join a men's erotic massage get together for the afternoon, but I decided to just go home and stay home. The cat and I have had a nice time today, doing nothing of importance. Days like that are nice.

In the morning Dad arrives from Arizona for a month and I'll pick him up at the airport and drive him up to Bellingham. I don't know what sort of holiday we'll work out but we'll do something while he's here. It just isn't the same holiday it was when my mother and grandmother were alive and living with Dad, when Catsy was with me and Sis and her family visited or hosted everyone. I do admit being nostalgic for those days - for the family togetherness. It was a richness. With Dad getting on, Catsy with his own life, Mother and Mom both long dead now, and Sis firmly entrenched on the east coast, I guess I need to put more attention into making the future rich instead of pining for times gone by. For now, though, I'm still quite wistful for those family days.

Overall, I obviously can't complain. I have a damn good job, a roof over my head I plan on staying in for a long time, and a life full in many ways. Life is good, quite good.

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