December 15th

It's what everyone who has body piercings has wanted to do. Catsy and I caught an extremely early flight out of SeaTac Friday morning. A.T. gave us a ride to the airport. It was my first time there since last spring and the new federal security checkers were on duty. Massive amounts of floor space have been commandeered for their equipment and the queues. I was pleasantly surprised at how competent, quick, polite, and efficient they were.

Well, except for one poor fellow. He was checking me over after I beeped my way through his arches. I started off by telling him, "The metal ends of my suspenders, steel shanks in my Rockports, and 6 body piercings." He checked everything with his wand [I repeated, "It's probably the nipple rings"] and when he noticed that there was no metal obvious at the chest level that was beeping he honestly asked, "Hmmm. What is here?"

Well, of course I pulled my tshirt out of my kilt-top and showed him.

When I turned around Catsy was really trying without any success to control his expression. Kodak moment.


Got back today in time to wake up Bridgett and introduce her to A.T. & Catsy. She and A.T. worked up a consensus that he has a very cute tush. He leaned into that, let me tell you. [Takes after his father, the boy does.] A.T. took the boy on home to his place and Bridgett and I braved Sunday morning IHOP. It's nice to catch up - she's a sweet lady, working her little patootie to the bone to make it as a bondage model, and doing quite well. Her madre picked her up for a drive down to Oregon, and all of a sudden it was quiet, with everyone gone.

I made a mess of sloppy joe mix over noodles, dumped tons of laundry out of my suitcases, watched the second half of K-19: Widowmaker and changed the water for the fish. The movie was excellent, quite well done [I'd paused it Thursday]. I just have no energy today though... kind of the blahs. Jet lag, I'm sure.

It was good seeing Dad. We did our obligatory visit to this humongous swap meet outside Phoenix where I pick up surgical instruments and weird vibrators and stuff. Had some good food and fiddled with the new digital camera I bought second hand off of Malixe. Pretty lazy time, the general focus of which was to bring the generations together for more bonding.

This next week I should be back on the slut bandwagon. I'll look for ya there, where life is good.

It's pretty doggone good when I'm with my dad too.

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