December 8th

I've tried to spread the word as I'm able, mentioning it in this journal, listing it in my favorites page on Janes Guide, talking often about it in conversation, but I'm just saddened and surprised at how few of my friends have taken advantage of the wonderful workshops put on the the Body Electric School.

I've been sexually active for close to 40 years, and have been active in the SM community since the early 90's - about a decade or more. This weekend I completed my third Body Electric workshop, and I can safely say that those three weekends have led to more enhancement of my sexual/spiritual/SM enjoyment and growth than just about anything else since Nita Jones showed me what was under her dress in 1963. The way I mentioned it a year or so ago when I made up my favorite's list for JG was "they've had a more profound and positive effect on my sex life than anything else I've done. The basic course puts you in touch with your own body and your own internal full bodied erotic energy through various exercises, breathing, touching, and other explorations, through an entire weekend. The second class I did (they have many) worked to blend the sexual energy work of the basic class with the power, surrender, and intimacy inherent in S/M play. Very strong stuff indeed. Both of the original two workshops I did were same gender. This that I did this weekend was similar to my second class except that it was mixed genders - "Power and Surrender and Intimacy for Men and Women". It was a joy to worship at both altars.

It's too soon - I'm typing this at 10:30pm and was still loading my car to come home at 7:30pm - much too soon to process and integrate all the things I went through this weekend. It was joyful and I had orgasms of intensity & profundity beyond my dreams, I shared deep intimacies involving nothing physical with people heretofore strangers, and I worked and processed and evolved positively on several issues in my own psyche, in my own sexuality, in my own SM play, in my own relationships with others and in life. And and and. I'll talk more later about it perhaps. For now, I'm babbling I fear. In the meantime, for pete's sake people, take a risk and sign up for a class. Too much money? Yeah, I told myself that for years until finally I just bounced a rent check in order to get over it and into my first class. Find a class and send off a small amount for each month until the class arrives. Invest in your own sexuality. Think about it, ok? No one - no one - that I've recommended the Body Electric to has ever come back to me with regrets.

I'll be leaving late this next Thursday night for Phoenix - arriving at SeaTac at 5am is definitely the middle of the night. Catsy and I are going down for a short weekend to see my Dad without getting involved in the holiday travel psychosis the second half of the month. We'll be back sometime Sunday. In the meantime the lovely Bridgett from Portland will be housesitting and feeding the goldfish and cat. Even though she and I will be crossing paths briefly - she arrives after I've left and I arrive home just as she is about to depart - it will be loverly to come home to a freshly slept in bed smelling of one of my favorite lovers.

In case you didn't hear me the first few dozen times I said it today, life is really fucking good. I'm gonna go enjoy my afterglow now....

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