New Year's Eve - December 31, 2001

Looking back I have to say that 2001 has gifted me with some of the highest highs and lowest lows I've ever experienced. On average, then, a year worth experiencing.

Professionally - my Other Job in medicine, the one that pays the rent - my year has hit peaks and valleys to match anything in my love life. Much of the first half of the year I was still stuck in a job I'd been in for three years detoxing people from drugs and alcohol. I worked long hours, three 12 hour shifts in a row, taking abuse from my clients non stop and had management who took no steps to improve anything. My hourly wage was at one point bumped up fifty cents an hour - and then the boss told me that she had had to bring me up to the same level they were paying new hires. I took a leap in the early fall, and took a job at a methadone clinic where I made a small bit more money, had better hours, and took less disrespect from my clients. Regardless it has turned out to be yet another mismanaged mess, with what I consider to be unsafe conditions. Just as I was coming to realize that I had one of the worst managers I've ever had in close to 40 years of working, I got a call out of the blue from a local MD of my acquaintence, asking me to be his office nurse. It's a tremendous opportunity and the timing couldn't be any better. Right now at year end I'm finishing my last week or so at my old Other Job, and will soon start my new Other Job. I haven't been this excited professionally in ten years or more.

Jane commented today on the state of Janes Guide. Over 9 million visitors, up 30% from the prior year. How many times and ways can you say Wow? Here's hoping Jane, Jim, Vamp, and I can do even bigger and better things for JG in 2002.

Personally? Over a long life I've been a single hermit much too often. This past year I was gifted with one thing I had not thought I would see again - love. I had given up, thought it hopeless, felt I didn't deserve it, even felt afraid of it. This year I've learned that I do indeed have the capacity to love and be loved. Just knowing this, knowing it is actually possible, makes this a gifted and banner year. Some years back I had a different relationship end, quite acrimonious, and the lessons I learned that very hard way have made me much more ethical, stronger, more comfortable with myself and in poly relationships, including this most recent one. The love I was gifted with this year was also withdrawn, and life indeed proves to be balanced - the pain on the wane equalled the joy on the wax. As I find myself on the fading end of this year's love experience, I look to avoid the acrimony as much as possible, for we are all in a close little incestuous group of friends. The lessons learned this time will help me to enjoy and survive future encounters with current and future friends and lovers. Some of the lessons learned this time reinforce or even duplicate lessons learned in the past. For today, I'm just grateful for every time this past year I found myself embracing, shouting, praying, and proclaiming that "Live Is Good".

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