Dec 30th

Lunch with Beverley at the Berkshire Grill was a nice catch up. I had lost track of how long it had really been since we'd been able to just sit and dish. I got as caught up on Vancouver gossip as could be - who is working for who, who is living with or without who, that sort of thing. Most of the gossip, of course, was catching up on ourselves. The year I've had, excitement over my new job, how I'm reassembling my life... the year she's had, the new corporation she's starting, her stability in her relationship. And, of course, that we both enjoy playing together and that we want to do so again sometime soon. When she comes to Seattle she is here to visit the person she primarily plays with, so our play is generally in Vancouver. In the next month or so we'll work something out. It was the first real meal I've had since the onset of the food poisoning Thursday, and I guess I needed it. French onion soup and a large portion of teriyaki chicken breasts with steamed squash. Beverly, bless her heart, had a nice steak and Caesar's salad. It's nice to have a lunch partner not embarrassed to have an appetite.

I suppose sometimes my retail therapies are a bit different. I don't usually go for new shoes or cars or clothes. Today I hit the Grocer's Outlet and picked up about four bags of miscellaneous canned goods. Hell, if you can pick up tuna fish less than the price of cat food, you do it and the cat thanks you. One of those 6" three wick candles for four bucks. A gallon jug of antibacterial liquid soap with a name brand you never heard of but for cheap. You never know what you'll find there, but generally something worth the visit, every month or so.

On impulse I moved on from there to Rain City Video. They have a great selection, and much more eclectic than the local Blockbusters. They have package deals, buy a book of 10 or 20 rentals and get them for a greatly discounted price. Here's what I stacked up: Just Visiting [because I love Jean Reno], Little Shop of Horrors [Oz, not Corman], Awakenings [and if I have to explain why, you never saw it], Hedwig [just to see what the buzz is all about], Buckaroo Banzai [just released on DVD with TONS of extras I can't wait to get into], Caligula [I'd need no other reason than Helen Mirren, of course], and The Night Porter [because I think I'm the only kinky person in the world who hasn't seen it yet]. As I write this I've finished several and will be finishing the rest tomorrow and the next. If I could only get a job that paid my rent needs and wants in exchange for writing movie reviews I might give up medicine for a while. It's a thought at least.

Confidential to those who asked: Nope. I'm not taking digs at anyone. As requested, I took my focus off of others in this and put it on me. Let me put it this way - I'm looking to avoid saying "Clint Eastwood kicked down my door", but for me to heal I have to at least mention "My door is kicked down". Caveat Lector.

2001 has had some marvelous times. 2002 has all the promise in the world of a wonderful year. One more day and it starts. Let's make it so.

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