Dec 29th

This will be little blips of update. There hasn't been a helluva lot going on beyond the blip stage.

Lost a couple of days to apparent food poisoning again. I really need to upgrade my willingness to throw out left overs. This time, as far as I can tell, it was Mongolian Beef carryout. My new rule for any carryout is "Breakfast or lunch the very next day, ok, but otherwise throw it out!". It had been in the fridge, but too long. Gads, but I hate those belly spasms that continue to hurt for a day or two past the last upheaval.

One good thing did come from the illness. The illness came over me mid morning after having had that bad food for breakfast, and when I told my boss that I was having to fight down emesis, her first comment was to tell me how hard she'd been working lately. In other words, trying to shame me into staying at work when I was deathly ill. This helped even more confirm me in my determination that the job change is a Good Thing.

For some weeks now I've had tentative plans to do a nice piercing scene with a friend, but she's recovering from surgery so each week it's been postponed and postponed due to lingering pain. Tonight I hadn't heard from her so thought we were on, but she never showed at the Wet Spot. In the meantime I was lucky enough to fit in 30-40 minutes of play with the lovely lady who writes Coyote Beautiful. It turns out she had never had a chance to play with hot wax before, and I just happened to have a few candles and matches in my piercing kit. We threw a disposable shower curtain over one of the ob/gyn tables and had at it. Good Goddess, but she squeals! Along with her luxurious red hair is the pale and hypersensitive skin that goes with the heritage, and she responded marvelously to the drips of a couple of plumber's candles. I didn't even get to the yuppy Ikea candles, but that'll be next time. I hit most of her chakras, avoiding her face of course, and it showed great promise for another scene, another day.

I've continued to work on that Time Machine letter I talked about recently, although in a slightly different format. More healing, I think, than putting all the things down that I want to scream at people is to put down and rewrite and rephrase and improve the writing of and edit and so on, the Lessons Learned. And, as I mentioned before. gentle readers, I may or may not ever print or publish those either privately or publicly. I know that the ongoing process itself is very cathartic for me.

I saw Omaha today at a birthday party for another fellow and we had a chance to chat and compare preparatory notes for our upcoming ritual. It should be interesting. She comes from more of a mainstream Wiccan background, I believe, than I. With some Wiccan training I have also blended aspects of shamanism, temple slut, and a couple other things. She has a lot of issues that she is looking to process and I have my own. It will be an intensely shared yet individual event. From our chat it sounded like we're both at common points of readiness. I did mention to her that when I've done this before one of my last thoughts prior to the event itself is generally "Oh, lawdy, don't let me screw up!". She seemed to understand [a smiley would be inserted here if I did such things]. I also stopped and saw our friend Stephanie, who did the Buffalo Skull Drag with Al, the Bloodbath with a bunch of us, and many other similar intense shamanistic rituals. Steph agreed to come on the 13th and create a safe sacred space for our experience to occur in. With Steph drawing the circle, Troy doing the piercing, and James doing the rigging, Kevin as my second and Elf doing the same for Omaha, I think we're just about ready. Oh - and thanks to Georgette who was very respectful in helping us with scheduling the space. I'm getting eager. How eager? Tonight I had R put a row of cups across my upper chest so I could meditate on the pain in that region for a half hour or so. That is eager, folks.

By way of an I told you so, I just stumbled onto my journal entry of July 23, 2000, where I shed scornful light on the Taliban. My note is quite dated, however. I compared them to Kenneth Starr. Please note that that should currently read John Ashcroft.

Thanks to Nia for helping me debug my new archive format, about to be unrolled this week. I'm breaking the archive pages down into 2000, 2001, and then 2002. It should be a little less cumbersome than just piling on, and Nia has been helping from early in our friendship with my poor coding skills.

And tomorrow, Sunday, is lunch with the elegant Beverley down on a visit from Canada. Enough blips. Life is good.

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