Dec 16th

A quick interjection.

One and a half years ago a group of friends got together and bought me a 13.6GB hard drive for my birthday. This was great, and combined with my cable modem led to a large degree of excess in downloading MP3s, WAVs, and smut. Life couldn't get better, eh?

The past few weeks, as I've mentioned, I've bottomed out with "C Drive Full, You Bloody Fool - Empty Me!!" dialog boxes appearing frequently and suddenly the fact that I had an old system, pushed far beyond it's actual ability to be upgraded, hit me hard. I ground to a halt. I called Viktor - who has been going out of his way to help - and told him my budget and needs. He configured a component system and over the past couple of days he and Nia have been installing it while I kept the food and coffee coming. Yes, I once had a tech background. Yes, my level of technical expertise went out of touch about the time of the 20meg hard drives, far before the advent of Windows and color monitors. Yes, I now readily offer food for techie help.

Viktor is a fine system administrator, and Nia is a former rent-a-geek, and they work well together on this sort of thing, just as Viktor's wife Panther does also. Panther was out of town, so the other two jumped in. Nia was a trooper. On the same shopping trip to Infotech she bought all the components for a big fancy schmancy system for a home project. [Warning - do not walk into Infotech without a geek translator... this is not a "so, what should I get for my first computer?" kinda place, but a "gimme a barebone this and a 16x10x40 that and throw in a couple of these three-pinners" sort of place. Heavy pocket protector factor, but damn good prices.] Since I had no access and this was an improved system for her she not only let Viktor help me first and until it worked, but she helped out herself. All that was Friday and Saturday - and I've been offline the whole time. Jonesing big time.Today, Sunday, they're over at her place playing with her new system, while I've finished the data transfers from the old HD to the new 40GB one here, and then getting myself back online. I had to download a new copy of the mail program I use, ICQ needs it's contact list rebuilt from scratch, and lots of other birthing pains, but all in all this is a great deal. Peter is quite happy with this, and quite grateful that I had the resources in savings to afford it and the resources in friends to make it happen.

There have been some other things going on. Tristan and I had a second play date - sensory deprivation/mummification - which went wonderfully. I had my first opportunity to play - spanking and fisting - with Val, a woman I've been flirting with recently. A certain calm is settling over me concerning the job changes coming up. I've met with Troy, Al's former apprentice, who will be doing the piercing for the ritual Omaha and I have planned. And Dad is coming into town this week for a brief holiday visit [obviously, Hazel my housekeeper will be in here the day prior to Dad's arrival...].

Personal to the lady at CostCo today. I apologize. I'm sure if I hadn't been there, if I hadn't provoked you by quietly and politely saying "Please don't stop in the middle of this narrow aisle", if I hadn't then pushed my cart around you without contact, if I hadn't further provoked you by looking different from you, you probably would not have humiliated yourself in front of your three children. I don't know if it was the Bad Kitty t-shirt or the Rough Trade baseball cap I was wearing, but somehow I have this feeling that screeching "There are people to protect people like me from people like you" probably wasn't the peak role model of tolerance and maturity your kids had hoped to get from you. Have a smurfy day.

On the DVD player: Jurassic Park III
Reading - in bed at night, Fifth Sacred Thing; while eating late breakfast at Goldie's Casino today, Charlie Beckwith's Delta Force; in the commode, Hot Throbbing Dykes To Watch Out For has been on top of the stack for a while now.
In the cup: Costa Rican French Roast, black and strong.
On the CD player at work very loudly Saturday morning to keep me awake for 6 hours of work on 3 1/2 hours sleep [Friday night's configuring did not go well]: Lavay Smith & her Red Hot Skillet Lickers, both One Hour Mama and Everybody's Talking About Miss Thing; A Chorus Line soundtrack; Zap Mama - A Ma Zone; Reverend James Moore with the Mississippi Mass Choir; George Mgrdichian Ensemble - One Man's Passion [belly dancing improvisations]; Libana - Circle is Cast; Edita Gruberova - Queen of Coloratura; Mary Schneider - Yodelling the Classics.

Life today is contentedly good.

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