Dec 13th

Time for an update, campers.

When last heard from, on the professional front, Peter was happily scribing his Janes Guide reviews of an evening and weekend, and he had been working at his new Other Job for a few months now. It was an improvement - vast vast improvement - over his old Other Job. Downside, going in, was getting up at 4am. Downside clearly seen today is criminally inept management overworking staff to the point of putting patients at risk, and pursuing bonuses for holding the budget down delivered on the backs of staff. Regardless, I was sticking around for a while. I'm a middle aged guy who needs benefits and job security, and Janes Guide has always been planned to be a part time job.

A few weeks ago, however, I got a phone call from out of the blue. An MD of my acquaintance called me and said real simply, "Hey, why don't you come on in and talk with me about working in my office." I went on in a week or two ago and he was most gracious. Before I had my jacket off he was pulling me in to sit in on a patient interview, to see his style and explain my projected duties. I sat in on half a dozen patients with him, meet his other staff, and when he talked details, he had me. He offered me an hourly wage a humongous degree better than my current. He offered to teach me all I could ask to know about his specialty, and to use in his office all he teaches me. Generous vacation, parking, profit sharing - and all in a civilized environment. I haven't had one of those in years. I haven't had a manager with a lick of sense for some time and every environment I've worked in for years has been absolutely malignant.

It was a no-brainer. I gave four weeks notice yesterday, and picked up a memo of understanding from the new doctor. I'll finish at the now Old Job the 11th of January, take a week breather, and start the new New Job the 21st. I'm scared, I'm excited, and I'm calmed. I'll have to contact my friends who help me with my embryonic financial planning and let them know I may be slightly above the embryo level now. I'll have to invest in a small amount of slightly classier work clothes. And with any luck a lot of the self repair I've started on with be helped along the way with the change. It's a Good Thing.

Still on the "I'd almost rather have hemorrhoids than this but I already have hemorrhoids" list... my damn computer has been going more and more T.U. day by day. It's been a week or two since I started getting the dreaded "C-Drive Overly Full, Fool - Erase Some Shit" gray box from Windows every few minutes, and Viktor has been working with me far above and beyond the call of duty, doing the geek equivalent of baling wire and crazy glue. Yesterday I finally decided to invest some of my savings in a machine that will actually be current, functional, and give me a bit of a future. The old one started out as a rebuild and has been added to and upgraded and tweaked to the point where the duct tape is worn thin. Tomorrow afternoon Viktor and Nia and I are heading out to get me a new system. They're the geeks, I'm the guy who will cook lunch after.

Tonight -

DVD Player - Little Nicky [without apologies - start with the 'making of' features and see Ozzy's 'friendly kind of insanity'].

Most recent CDs played - Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers; Hawaiian Touch - Barney Isaacs & George Kuo; All That Jazz - Best of Ute Lemper.

Dinner - Cottage Cheese with a huge dollop of mayonnaise stirred in, while cooking mashed potatoes [2/3 unpeeled spuds, 1/3 sweet onion, boiled in chicken broth, mashed with copious powdered garlic and margarine] and a lamb steak, shaken in a baggie of Spike, black pepper, garlic flakes, and rosemary and George Foreman'd.

And life is looking even a little bit better.

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