Dec 3rd

Oh, so much to say and talk about, and most of it will probably flit from my frontal lobes by the time I get to putting the words down. Either that or my connection, thanks to the coprocephalic maggots at AT&T, will die again before I get anything posted. I'll type quickly...

First of all, a week or so ago I finally sent my counselor, Raven, an email that just said: "Raven... it's time again...". We met Friday afternoon for a couple of hours of catching up, unloading, gathering strengths, and wasting a load of kleenex. He is a good man, a good counselor, and a good friend. I haven't written the Time Machine note I've spoken of as of yet, but I've had meaningful conversations with key players in the psychodrama and will be writing the note soon.

On to fun, games, and sluthood.

Saturday evening I almost blew it. It was the annual field trip to the local mega-hardware store, which I've hosted for nine years now. Saturday morning I worked at the Other Job and was not feeling well in the afternoon, so took a short nap. Unfortunately, I awoke from the nap with a sudden rush of shit to the heart, a few minutes after I was supposed to be gathering the herds of kinkoids at the store. Luckily it is only 2 minutes drive from the house, so I got on in there, gathered the dozen or so folks who attended, and we had some fun strolling the aisles.

After the field trip, I went into the Wet Spot Saturday evening looking forward to the possibility of getting together with a young lady who has allowed me to pierce her several different times. We'd exchanged notes about this date but my email had become kerflunked via AT&T, and I didn't hear an accept or regret from her. I showed up with the proper equipment but in her absence struck up a spontaneous conversation that spring boarded into a first play event with a lady I've known casually for years. I put a couple of dozen needles into her breast in some lovely mandala patterns, along with a few miscellaneous one placed purely for sensation, blood flow, and cuz I felt like it. I worked them, worried them, and had some good fun, as did she. The cutest moment was when I pulled out a couple needles that she reeeeeeeeeely didn't like straight into her nipple, but when the nipple then bled I milked enough to finger paint her entire aureola a bright fresh scarlet.

Once I was certain that she could walk and talk again, I turned her over to her two girl friends for care taking. Then, on a whim, I introduced myself to a lovely young lady I'd seen earlier in the evening. She was obviously a bunch of things - new, beautiful, young, unaccompanied, and - hence - hit upon by scadzillions of hormonal guys. She is also the spitting image of my smutsister, Vamp. Looks just like Vamp did when she was a few years younger, could easily pass for her sister, and they even sound a bit alike. She introduced herself as Tristan and we chatted for quite a while. It makes for a long conversation when both parties are willing to talk about themselves - guilty! - and also willing to listen to the other talk about themselves. By the time to leave for the evening we had discussed tentative plans to consider play the following night.

Early in the afternoon Sunday I rode down to the south end of town to see my friend Gale, owner of Body Circle Designs. It had been much too long, as it usually tends to be. She and I are alike in many ways, and would probably see one another much more often if I didn't live on the extreme north end of town, and she down the opposite direction. We caught up, played with her new kitten, and had some pretty good Chinese food near her house. I dropped off several DVDs, as hostage to ensure that I would return soon.

Heading back up into town I got to the Wet Spot just in time for the monthly Bondage Party. Nia and Viktor were there, with a scene of their own planned in the back room. It was to be a special scene, with healing intent, and I gave them all the space they needed, never looking in once. Well, of course it was hard! They came out looking quite good, and I'm glad it was a good thing.

In our discussions the night before, Tristan had mentioned that she was very interested in exploring rope bondage, but had little experience. Also, she mentioned that her starting to explore her BDSM interests was a stretch for her live-in lover, so I made assurances on boundaries being observed. I also offered to introduce both she and he to other play partners and lovers of mine and their partners, and encouraged her to ask around for references. We had then left things late Saturday as "Yes, I'd like to. I may show up and work was too much, or I may show up and my boy friend said he wasn't comfortable with it, or I may show up and I'm not ready, or I may show up and say 'Let's do it'...". I told her I'd have my stuff ready, and if when Saturday evening arrived all she was ready for was conversation, that would be fine.

There was dazzling suspension bondage going on right in the middle of the floor, which just about everyone was avidly watching for the first hour or so of the party. Just as the evening before, Tristan hardly walked in but 3-4 guys were hitting her with "can I tie you up, can I can I?". I admire their taste, but their timing sucks. I gave her a while to watch the high quality bondage going on and to reflect on her choices and wants, before coming back and asking if she had decided on her dance card.

To my delight she wanted to get tied up. I sent her off to sip fluids and toilet herself and stuff, and then she met me out on the dungeon floor at a large 'X-like' piece of equipment. I bound her arms side by side horizontally along the back of her waist with latex self-adhering tape, and then proceeded to put her into a body harness of rope. The rope was a black and white twist, and her coloring of dark hair and pale skin made for a lovely picture. Eventually I strung her up in a spider web of ropes interlacing the body harness, the restraining pieces, and the binding items - which had strategic placement. I finally ended up with a couple of five foot lengths left over, but I found that they were so strung between her body and eye-bolts, that I could sit in a chair in front of her and lean back, using them like the reins of a horse-wagon. Of course, each pull on the ropes gave a special pull for her various sensitive body parts, but such is the good fortune you can run into when you have folks tie you up. It was a fun scene, and I'm hoping she and I can work it out to follow up with further exploring of her new playground.

I'm writing this now on Monday, off and on throughout the day as the ebb and flow of AT&T's fuck up resounds over the nation. How the fuck they thought this would go over well with 4 million users is beyond me. On my personal email I've now had to send out notice to friends and family of a new email address. I have business cards with the old one on it to be replaced. I still am only erratically receiving and sending mail, and have no idea how much traffic from friends, co-workers, lovers, family, and others has been lost. I'm off the Happy Customer list, and will use my mini bully pulpit to mention as much.

My life continues quite good and rich.

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