December 31st

Last entry of the calendar year, and a couple comment of note.

Cosmically, of course, is the ongoing realization that dates of apparent significance come and go without cataclysm. We all figured this out, hopefully, when we went from nineteen-something to two-thousand-something. No end of the world, no black helicopters coming out of Idaho to take Jesus and Elvis back to the Mothership. All DOS machines in the world didn't dissolve in smoke as we went back to a barter economy. Life moved on. Just as now, tomorrow is the year 2001, but it's also Tuesday, the day I go back to work and the day my Blockbuster tapes are due. I don't see Keir Dullea discussing pod bay doors with HAL anywhere.

It's been a full weekend already and more fun tonight. I'm gonna try to get ahead of the game here with an update.

Oh, let's see... worked at the Other Job Tuesday through Thursday last, no big hoohoo. Some overtime, some hard work, some difficult patients, no real roadblocks to my ongoing inner bliss. One unfortunate self-discipline of my three-twelves schedule is that I can't really make any appointments in the evening during those three days. Next month I'm working Mon/Tues/Wed and from Sunday night through Wednesday day, I'm committed to pretty much nothing but sleep and work. This last week, for example, on Tuesday I was due off duty at 7:30pm, however I ended up having to do a special run to a pharmacy across town to pick up some lost meds for a patient and I finally clocked out at 9pm, after having been up from about 4:30am. I missed a birthday get together this last week due to this schedule, for Viktor, Panther's husband. I made up for it though. Last night I took a big box into the Wet Spot for him and when he opened it he found one jar each of bulgogi sauce, red pepper paste, peanut sauce, hot cooking oil, oyster sauce, and a dozen or so other non-MSG Asian sauces I got at a little local Korean grocery. He's a former professional cook and was quite pleased [and I have a promise of a decent meal at his table sometime soon].

Back to some sort of a chronology. Thursday, as I recall, I collapsed after work. Maybe shopped, cleared email, buttered my muffin, slept. Lots of catching up. Friday I had a scene scheduled at the Wet Spot's Queer Spot party with Derek, Panther's roommate. Two Fridays a month they have the Hot Spot sex parties, one Friday each is boyz or grlz respectively, and any month where there is a 5th Friday it is designated 'Queer Spot' party, for each person to self-identify what Queer means for them. Many of our FTM friends are finding it a home, and since Derek is gay and I'm bi, our boy/boy energy fit right in.

Earlier I'd been doing dueling calendars with Sol for a dinner and we decided he'd stop over Friday evening early. I let him know that Derek was DMing til 11:30 and we were playing at midnight, but an early dinner and conversation would be nice. Sol brought Mighty Mouse over with him. The boy has good manners - he walked in and handed me a grocer's bag with half a dozen good quality steaks in it. I had a little token for him as well, a matched pair of porcelain lidded Korean bowls. We had a pleasant evening, stir-fry and fireplace and conversation and stuff. MM borrowed half a dozen videos - she was in 7th Heaven going over my VHS collection, and wanted several dozen at first. They're both good people, and I enjoy their company. I've talked before about how enjoyable it has been to watch Sol evolve as a man, a person and a friend, and MM is a layered person who is not only cute as a button, but is also heading off to med school shortly.

When I got to the Wet Spot Derek had just finished his DM shift and we moved into the back room. We'd discussed a sensory deprivation mummification scene and that's just what we did. I put him on the boombox headphones playing trance music, blindfolded and snorkeled, and wrapped him in saran wrap head to toe. Once lowered down on the mattress, propped up on pillows so the snorkel would work, I left him to settle in a bit, and then slowly started to play with his senses. Tuning fork, Hitachi magic wand, clothes pins, a little of this and that. He ended up sitting there kinda zoned out when I finally cut him out of the wrap, just saying "Way wow..."! I talked with Panther later and she said that he got home and just kept saying "I can't believe he put mousetraps on my nipples! I can't believe he put mousetraps on my nipples!" :)

Saturday morn I awoke about 10:30, feeling a bit short on sleep but Kevin was coming over to pick me up and take me to meet Sol and MM at her apartment to go shooting. I hadn't had a chance to poke holes in paper with fast-moving pieces of lead in a year. When I bought my 9mm KelTec a year or so ago I took it to the range and ran a couple hundred rounds through it. At MM's we met with Panther and Annika and Viktor among others, and then went over to a range near her Eastside apartment. I had my 9mm, Kevin had his .40 and one or two others [he's a collector]. Several of us had personal weapons and others rented house guns from the range to practice with Glock, Baretta, Walther. We had to deal with a bit of nonsense with the range [they rented us lanes and then told us how their lanes were out of service and we had to wait and double up and such]. We survived it and everyone had a lot of fun, most of us shooting just about all of the various weapons. It was fun watching the smallest of us [MM looks to be about 2' tall and Panther and Annika are about the same] shooting the large weapons well, and Panther did remark on how comforting it was to have the men in her life - Viktor, Sol, Kevin, myself - all be dead shots.

We all hit a yuppie-palace on the Eastside for lunch, which was just a slosh bit rowdy, I have to admit, and then everyone else went home while Sol and Kevin and I headed over to Queen Anne Hill to catch the latest Chow Yun-Fat movie, Crouching Tiger, Hiding Dragon, .

As I write this it's been 24 hours since I saw the movie and I've just about run out of sufficient superlatives to describe it. It was a wonderful modern example of the classical Wuxia school of Chinese theater, the flying sorcerer/warrior fantasies. Chow was the top name on the bill, but the movie really belonged to Michelle Yeoh [a Bond Girl in "Tomorrow Never Dies"] and the beautiful 19 year old Ziyi Zhang. Just an incredible movie and so very well worth the waits in line at the few theaters where it's been released so far. The martial pas de deux in the tree tops alone is worth the price of admission.

I caught a couple hours of snacking, email, and smoking my salmon before heading in to pull a 9-12 DM shift at the Saturday night pansexual party. Jane and Jim were there and I gave them their holiday gifts. Jim was nice enough to mention to me that the range we had spent the morning at was the same one that has had several fatal accidents in... argh. Jane wasn't feeling well, so Jim took her home early. It was a fairly sedate evening, not all that much going on, until Boop came in and mentioned to me that she had small gloves, lots of lube, and all the time in the world. Kev took over DMing for me at midnight and I got into the sling with Boop sitting between my legs. She has very very small hands and by the time we were done she had worked her way in almost to the wrist. Peter was a very happy boy and she certainly seemed to have enjoyed herself.

All of which brings us to now, Sunday afternoon. Kevin and I will be going in to the New Year's Eve party at the Wet Spot. Boop called he and I both and she will be showing up, seeking to be electrified, so Kev and I will both be bringing battery and extension cord sorta toys. It promises to be a pleasant evening.

The whole damn weekend has been nice. Fun, of all different sorts, not just slutting around, but there's been enough of that as well. Best of all, tomorrow's a holiday so I'll be sleeping in and doing some surfing and slowly getting myself ready for the new year. Which, as we agreed at the start of this page, begins with a Tuesday.

And life is good.

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