December 23rd-25th

Forgive my journalistic constipation lately. It's been {insert your excuse of choice; it's probably not far off}.

Saturday morn a bunch of us gathered at house Al's to help catch up a few chores prior to the holiday gatherings. Al has had surgery and so doing urban renewal on the back yard and such like is a bit beyond him at the moment, so friends did what friends do. Coyote Girl, darling that she is, volunteered to join in out of respect for Al even though she wouldn't be joining us for any of the later festivities. I knew there was some reason I loved her outside of her brilliant red hair and her silly giggles.

After several hours of dirty work she and I grabbed a late breakfast just before I ran her home, got myself home long enough to change clothes, and met family for a late lunch and the opportunity to run through FAO Schwartz chasing my four year old grandson. Ya know, he's the world's cutest kid - matter of public record, not just my personal opinion - but damn! He's quick! All praise the Debit Visa God.

Home again to fix dinner [are we seeing a pattern here?] and I lazed around watching C*O*P*S, slowing my pace down and wandered into the Wet Spot just in time to pull my 11:30-2:30 shift.

It was a rather sedate evening for the most part, not a helluva lot going on. Chatted with KSlave, Jade, and a few other friends while wandering about the dungeon looking DMly. Late in the evening, around 2 or so, George asked me if I'd help him with a scene. Seems a lady was in from out of town and had expressed an interest in having a rough take-down 'rape' scene. I retired my DM badge a bit early, with the house goddess' permission [well, it WAS her husband's scene I was to assist...]. When I returned to the back room I found a struggling mess on the floor - she had said she was going to resist, and resist she did. Unfortunately, she wasn't a match for two determined tops with rope in hand, and we got her tied to a frame in a fairly vulnerable position.

The details, both violent and sensual/sexual, aren't mine to disclose in this case, but it was an exhausting and satisfying time for all three of us. Georgette came in after we were done and the lady told her that it had more than exceeded every hope and expectation she had had. Big [sweaty and tuckered out] smiles all around, another satisfied customer. Sometimes I wish that damn toaster oven thing was more than an urban legend.

Sunday I slept in and heard from my son that he and his lady friend, up from SF for the week, had missed their bus connection. I met them downtown and we began a frustrating odyssey in search of a meal. Our plan originally had been to do our traditional Changs up on the Hill, but my first clue was finding their parking lot empty. We saw in the windows that the chairs were all up on the tables, so I headed over to Pandasia, near the Wet Spot but we walked in to be told "sorry, carry-out only, we close in ten minutes". Argh.

We rushed back up the road to a Chinese place I'd seen with a neon 'Open' sign, and I'm gonna have to go back soon, find the name and publicize it here. The food was good, cheap, the staff was friendly, a clean and comfortable setting and I'll happily add it to my list of places to patronize. We had a great meal, my son and his lady and I. It was really my first opportunity to get to know her, although she had the advantage, having read my entire journal previously. She's charming and definitely my son's Evil Twin. It's eerie how much they are each other.

After dinner we went down to the Wet Spot's Xmas Eve PJ Party. Fifty or so folks in their pajamas laid out on their pillows and sleeping bags watching South Park, The Grinch, Nightmare and all the other traditional kid's greats. Georgette had asked me to be Sado Claus and pass out gifts at 10pm [everyone brought a gender-non-specific gift], and I wasn't much into the cartoons so I sat close to the food and schmoozed. There was one woman going around putting her homemade truffles into mouths and watching people melt into mouthgasms, and we got to chatting, and then got to back rubs and then got to the back room. We were enjoying ourselves and I had just mentioned something along the line of "...about another 20-30 minutes and I'll have to..." when I heard Georgette's commanding voice out front saying "Where's Santa?!?!".

Argh. I grabbed my glasses and........


...was the sound of a streaking buck naked me, bifocals in hand, racing from the back room in between the waiting crowd and their cartooning TV set, and into the front office where the Santa outfit was. I heard a laughing roar explode behind me as I quickly shrugged into the wig, beard, hat, boots, and jacket [somehow I seemed to forget my pants]. I got the gifts all delivered with the help of a group of impromptu elves, and - given that it was a thrown "here ya go" absolute random thing - everyone seemed quite happy with what they got, and the evening started to wind down.

Well, almost. First we got to watch an advance copy of a film about to be released by MWI, the fine local Seattle folks who are producing an excellent line of sex-positive video smut. The two girls involved in the film got chicken though, and left before the film showed. They were beautiful and sensual and hot but were afraid of things like "...but I look too fat..." or "...I don't really squeak when I cum do I?..." or whatever. They were great and hot and sexy and everyone thought so. The film is one of the first in MWI's "Real Girlfriends" series, and one helluva improvement on the schlock that passes for 'lesbian' smut in mainstream porn.

The film ended and the kids and I headed out to my place. I put No 1 Son and his Evil Twin up on the futon and we crashed hard.

First thing Monday, the 25th, we gathered all of our various stuff, ranging from a beaver-skulled prayer stick to lots of towels to a couple gallons of antelope/elk/buffalo stew and headed over to Al's for the annual December 25th sweat lodge. This is about my fourth year, Son's third year joining me, and Evil Twin's first encounter with such strange folk. I kinda figured if she could deal with a streaking Santa for a partner's parent she could deal with a spiritual day. She did just fine; she and he were a great help and blended in fine.

Let me move back a step here - on Thanksgiving I fucked up trying to do the right thing. I was part of a large assemblage that gathered at Al's house "to cheer him up". We ended making a mess and what had started as a good intentioned thing ended up stressing him needlessly. It was my - and everyone else's - intentions that this next gathering actually help and not hurt. I think we did a pretty good job.

Al was home on pass from his post-op recovery and enjoyed everyone being there and continuing on the traditions he began. We cooked the rocks for some hours before sweating and a large handful of us, 8 or so I believe, sweated a couple of times. It was a moment of parental joy to stand there helping Son out of the lodge, seeing the marvelous expression on his face, the wordless bond that passed eye to eye from son to father and father to son. Also with us were Panther and her whole clan and RHB, Al's apprentice.

Various friends came and went visiting with Al - Megan from Camden Chameleon in Bellingham that I noticed and many I didn't know - and a large portion of the stew got consumed. On the tail end of the day we sort of reversed ourselves, taking down the tables and putting them away, washing the dishes as they were emptied, and everyone taking home the leftovers they had brought. Lots of folks were wonderful with the chores and dirty work they ended up doing. The day ended with the house cleaner than we had found it and everyone had a great time.

I got the kids dropped off back at Son's place, came home, and pretty much died in place. First thing the next morning was back to the Other Job grind. It was a good full weekend, rich with family and friends and ritual and sloth and sex and laughter and all those things that convince me that life is so good. I'm a very lucky man. My love to one and all.

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