December 23rd

Just a short message here.

First of all, the diary entries are being entered erratically. Sorry, but this is because Jane and I both have real lives. She's been ill, I've been travelling, we both have had a total overhaul of our work schedules over the past couple months, we each have families and such is the stuff of life.

Updates to the Slut Diary go through a couple steps actually getting to the point of your seeing them, and at times this will not be a rapid process. If we were all independently wealthy and lay about having lackeys peel grapes and pop them into our waiting yaps, you'd be bored in short order. In reality, with apologies to those who would like to read our journals daily with your Doonesbury and morning cheerios, I decided to explain and acknowledge the realities, and try to take any pressure off of Jane and I both.

As it is, real life is much more fun, more readable, and more likely then that grape peeling sloth. Just in the past couple days, for example, I've been losing myself to Napster [thank the Goddess for high speed connections and large hard drives] while doing website reviews, I'm encountering an unexpected increase in arthritis pain and swelling in my joints, have been spending a lot of time visiting sick friends, I thoroughly enjoyed chasing my grandson through FAO Schwartz this evening in the holiday crowds, and damned if I haven't noticed that for some reason my jerking off ejaculations have been shooting with more velocity than previously.

And I'm 24 hours into a 3 day slowcooked game stew again for the 12/25 gathering at Al's house. This year it's antelope, elk, and buffalo stew. Whenever I get tired of cruising smut sites, Napstering or jerking off I [wash my hands and] go in and throw some more veggies or sauce or garlic or whatever into the stew and give it a good coupla stirs.

I've received notes from friends nudging me on updates, and this is the general purpose "ok, fine, many thanks for your loving interest and we'll be doing that, as we can" note of acknowledgement. And now, I do believe I'm gonna continue my research into why my squirts have had more power lately.

Through it all, life continues good.

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