December 7th

This will be a short update, cuz I gotta get to bed shortly to rest up for ArtBound2, which Janes Guide is helping to sponsor, and which happens this Friday and Saturday nights. Kevin and I will be working at the event together.

Wednesday I put in a hard day at work. Some people push paper around a desk for eight hours and go home tired. I did 12 hours, and it ranged from standing down an angry alcoholic who was threatening to 'bust you up sidda your head' [and I believed him], to a few minutes later comforting a young mother who had just lost her kids to CPS and cocaine. In amongst having all this fun, I dripped teriyaki sauce on my shirt at lunch, and had a dinner date. I got off duty, ran up to the Broadway Market and picked up a new shirt on sale at the young&beautiful clothing store, and made it to Chang's just in time.

I spent the evening over dinner - and until long after the wait staff had broken out their own beers and cigarettes after the restaurant closed - enjoying a discussion with a beautiful lady. It's early, and we're talking slowly, but I think we're both looking forward to step-by-step doing some exploring.

Tonight was to be a long-awaited evening of leisure with Omaha, but I got a call from her that she had thrown her back out and was in such pain that Elf had to take the day off to care for her and the baby. I went down this evening and had dinner with them. Omaha was feeling much better, although moving slowly, and we'll reschedule soon. It was good to see them both, to break bread, and sit around discussing favorite topics of science fiction, spirituality, sexuality, politics, and good old fashioned gossip.

I stopped briefly at the Grind at the Wet Spot on the way home to schmooze with a few friends but crapped out quickly. Driving home was the usual talk radio mishmash, discussing Dubbaya having stolen the election fair and square, on home to watch "Gone in 60 Seconds", and do some website reviews. All in all, a quiet evening and a nice rest. The next two nights are going to be a lot of fun, and a lot of work.

Not a lot of excitement, but it doesn't necessarily have to be for life to continue to be good.

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