December 3rd

Pork rinds.

You would have to be me to understand, but on the way home from the Wet Spot Saturday evening, I stopped and bought myself a bag of BBQ pork rinds. Now, I eat a lot of junk food, but it takes a rather extraordinary evening, both tired and comfortable, to get a pork rind munchie. Hadn't happened in several years, and I took it that it had been a pleasant evening.

Mama Bear Cabbie has been a friend for nigh onto ten years now. For a woman who calls herself a separatist dyke, we've always had a very cordial and brothersisterly relationship. Over the past month or so we've been discussing doing a scene. She normally tops her ladylove, Lady, but has wanted a good old fashioned flogging for herself for a while. She told me that she didn't really think any of her female friends were strong enough to really hit her hard enough - Cabbie is a woman of size and a fairly substantial target. I agreed in general that I would be willing to do such a thing, and throughout negotiation expressed my gratitude for the trust involved. We decided to both bring all of our whips, to do a good flogging, and then to segue into the medical room for a few needles.

Tonight was the night.

Negotiations, by the way, were much more extensive than the usual. Such things as "thud, no sting, please", "don't forget; I haven't done this in a while", or "when I go non-verbal I use ASL"... these are all fairly commonplace. One of the challenging and interesting aspects was that Cabbie has physical limitations. She has weak legs, and we figured that we may have to do much of the flogging with her sitting down. As well, she has a large sit-upon, and we had to search to find the best chair or stool for her to sit on that would both support her and allow our activities.

We started off standing at the A-frame rack, Lady kneeling in front of her inside the A-Frame, and I worked myself slowly up from gloved hands, to gloves swung as an instrument, to bare hands, and on through our collective whips. Half a dozen of mine, several of theirs, ranging from the flick of the lightest weight warm-up tool on up through the shuddering thud of my buffalo hide and her bull hide, and including side trips off to play briefly with the nerf bat, the braided cat, the signal whip.

At some point she moved from standing to sitting, and for a while I sat as well, flogging at a common height. As I picked up the pace at the end, however, I had to stand, leaning into it, using the heaviest flogger and applying my weight and strength. Finally and suddenly, enough was enough. She collapsed forward and the three of us gave support and comfort to each other, leaning against the rack. Through it all, their love was apparent, from the unwavering gaze of Lady focused on Cabbie's face, to the reach of Cabbie's hand directly for Lady when she found herself shuddering.

[Later, she told me that she couldn't remember the last time she hugged a man with such earnestness... I was quite touched.] I was also drenched in sweat and my dominant arm was limp spagetti.

After a refreshing interlude - about which more later - I introduced Jane to Cabbie and Lady, and then the three of us continued our adventure moving over into the medical room. I did several patterns of needles in her back, and cursed myself for having toughened up the skin with the flogging. I had several needles bend when I tried to burrow under the skin. After two-three dozen needles I had to remind her that we should only go halfway with the needle insertions, as she would travel even further as they are removed, and shortly after we reversed course.

As we ended, it was more a thing of sipping water, getting dressed, and chatting than any sort of memorable and notable 'event'... until, of course, about 20 minutes later, after we'd gone our individual ways to schmooze with friends. As they passed, heading towards the door, I saw a depleted and satisfied smile on Cabbie's face, and she murmured to me, "It hit me on a 20 minute lag". Lady drove.

She's a grand lady, she gifted me with her trust, and I appreciate it. If I had ever had a bond as strong and wonderful as what she and Lady have, I would be a lucky man.

Now, moving back to that mid-scene interval.... we were all moving about the room, hydrating ourselves and clearing our heads when I saw Jane and Jim. I walked up and Jim asked me, "Whaddaya think we did today?" He showed me his new wedding band and hugs were exchanged all around. Then they looked at each other, smiled, and said, "Oh - we've got something for you." I was pleasantly surprised, as I hadn't thought my monthly paycheck would be ready yet... and when I opened the card there was also a surprise holiday gift inside that overwhelmed me and willynilly drove me to tears.

Guys - you are very very good to me and joining Jane's Guide was one of the best things I've ever done. Thanks so very much for making me feel so welcome.

It's a day after and I've heard from Cabbie with a good after-scene report, and we hope to repeat it at some occasion. I'm hard at work trying to get some reviews done and looking back over a wonderful weekend. Jane and Jim got married, Cabbie and Lady and I shared some great moments, and unexpectedly the pressure is off my holiday shopping.

I'm slowly working on the pork rinds, as a subtle celebration of how good life really is.

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