December 2nd

Just a quickie entry, and I'll update more later.

After a long exhausting week at my Other Job, where I continually did the stupid thing of watching TV or surfing or jerking off or whatever until midnight and then was up at 5am each morning, working 12 hour shifts, I slept from 10pm Thursday night until noon-thirty Friday afternoon. Along with the work and hours I went through another financial stumbling block, with my car dying on the way to a staff meeting Monday. AAA screwed the pooch - and will be hearing from me in exquisite detail - and I ended up with the friend who does my mechanical loaning me a car until the $170 worth of unexpected car work was done. First time I've driven an Accord, and a nice little car, but not finding the steering wheel tilt button for the 24 hours made Peter, and Peter's large belly, very unhappy.

Seattle was once again assaulted with the insanity of mob psychosis in the guise of "let's riot in the streets to make things better". I swallowed enough tear gas in the 60s, thank you. I'm quite philosophically sympathetic to those who are against the WTO, and quite scornful of how those lofty goals get translated into 'all Seattle police are bad', 'let's disrupt some more, even though there isn't a single WTO representative in Seattle this year', and 'the anarchy of destroying the local coffee stand is making a valid improvement in the world'. I live enough of an out-there outlaw life myself, and have over 50 years. I'll choose my own methods of evolution, thank you, and sanctimoniously public shitting on the uninvolved and often sympathetic citizens of an entire city, essentially a public tantrum style of masturbation to make my point isn't how I'll do it. Nuff said. [Note to angry letter writers - save it. I don't choose to argue this, match "I was there when" credentials, or anything else. I said my piece, which I know many of my friends disagree with, and let's drop it and move on].

I spent much of Thursday afternoon and evening - once I awoke - running errands and sitting chatting with a friend who is ill and facing medical challenges. I also picked up the dead Bambi parts I had planned on preserving, and lowered my plans to cleansing the skulls. I'll be burying them in the yard soon covered in Boraxo, and in 3 months will see what they look like. Didn't get a chance to boil them down, but friends who are skilled in this tell me that a 3 month burial - the borax for smell reduction - should do it. Any amateur taxidermists out there, drop a note, eh?

Kevin stopped over last night, had some excellent soup and oyster sauce beef stir fry. I'm gonna be adding these recipes to the family cookbook that I'm going to circulate. Yummy stuff. We watched "The Replacements", Gene Hackman and Keanu Reeves, which was funny enough. I don't have the anti-Keanu knee-jerk that many more snobbish folks have, but I do watch carefully hoping to avoid a Bill&Ted moment.

And, praise every little cell of her wonderful redheaded protoplasm, Hazel arrived late last night for her weekly cleanup of the house. I readily admit to being a slob, but the kitchen yesterday was something well beyond slob and significantly into "file an environmental impact statement". She had told me that she was baby-sitting and couldn't get there til the kid was picked up and I had told her "hell, I don't care, midnight if you have to!" She arrived at midnight and worked until around 4am. I did website review, while watching "Fort Apache" - John Wayne, Shirley Temple, Henry Fonda, Ward Bond - and "Never Cry Wolf" - Charles Martin Smith and Brian Dennehy's excellent work.

Soooo, I slept in after working along side her all night. Mid afternoon now, I am going to be gathering my resources and getting ready for the Wet Spot tonight. An old friend, self proclaimed 'separatist dyke', has honored me with a request. She says that she doesn't know any women right now who are strong enough to give her a good flogging. Normally she tops her girlfriend. The three of us met for a wonderful dinner a few weeks ago and we've agreed to get together tonight. I'll be using my whip collection, maybe a few piercings, and I think it'll be a good thing. I know - let me make this clear and loud - I'm honored with the trust of the request.

Anyhow, off to make dinner, shower, find a pair of jeans and an appropriate tshirt, and get ready for the evening. I'll keep ya posted.'

And yes, life is good.

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