Last updated 10/1/05

EALAIN - Pronounced 'al-een', the Irish word for art. She is a queer woman, an artist, and a wonderful loving person. She is my primary partner and are making long term plans together.

JANE - Goddess of Janes Guide, the woman who signs my paychecks as well as being a good personal friend.

JIM - Partner of Jane in Jane's Guide and her now-ex-husband.

AL D .- A local body modification artist, elder in the gay leather community, and a man who functioned as a shaman for me in much of my ritual growth over the years. Al passed away in February of 2001. I mentioned him often in the early events in this journal and continue to with respect - there is much he taught me that will have to be passed on, to keep the wheel balanced.

CATSY - My adult son. His friends call him Catsy, so I've begun calling him that here. It's a point of extreme pride to me that in his own journal he states, "I'm bisexual, kinky, poly, and very hentai--it says so right here on the card. ... in terms of sexuality and upbringing I'm very much my father's son. " It has been very rewarding to have an adult friend relationship develop between us, following work by both of us.

JESS - Catsy's partner, and a very nice person.

LINUS - A secondary partner of Ealain and I both. He is a very nice man, boy, friend, and partner.

VAMP- A friend of many years, and my SmutSister at Janes Guide. She is one of the most prolific and quality writers in my community. We have played occasionally over the years, and now have settled into a comfortable SmutSiblinghood.

GEORGETTE- Goddess and Mom of the Wet Spot, and a friend of many years standing.

DEREK - Originally Panther and Viktor's roommate, a really nice man who has built himself a great home and chosen family in the gay leather community.

SOL - A friend of some years now. He has evolved from an enthusiastic puppy-dog of a manboy to a more mature and comfortable with himself Man. I've been privileged to observe and assist in minor ways. He served when called up to Kuwait from '04-'05 courtesy of the Washington State National Guard and George Bush's international bullyism. As an old warrior to a younger one I'm quite proud of him. He and his partner are living in Hawaii now.

GALE - A good friend, proprietress of Body Circle Designs piercing jewelry, whose late partner Tom Finch, an elder in our community, I was honored to call friend. Gale has allowed me to use the kavadi breast press device that Tom created.

OMAHA - A lovely lady I've had an 'every-third-Friday' sort of date with off and on for well over a decade; postergirl for polyamory.

ELF - Husband of Omaha and a friend as well. Tall, formerly long haired, exceedingly cute, a fine father, and one of the most prolific authors of kink on the net for many years now. If pushed, would probably reluctantly admit to having earned 'legend' status on the net.

JEFF HENGST- The outstanding Seattle artist who has begun documenting events in our community, and who has honored me by painting me larger than life. The painting, entitled 'Nursey', is shown in the "Artist's Favorites" page of his site.

BRIDGETT- A perky happy beauty. I've had enjoyable times with her off and on for years. She is a fine shibari top, and very active in rope circles. She is one of the busiest people in kink circles professionally, traveling the world as a bondage model and photographer both.

KEVIN - A beautiful mountain-man of a fellow. In addition to being my friend he is also now my landlord.

HAZEL- My housekeeper of four years, nicknamed after the cartoon maid of the 60's. She came by every week to clean the house, catch up the kitchen, dust the sling, organize the buttplugs, etc. for quite some time, and in the spring of 2004 moved on to focus on family matters of her own. She'll always have my thanks for the work she did for so long.

RAVEN- Occasionally my therapist and always my friend.

NIA - We started as correspondents online, and she sought me out to help her learn about kink. As time went on, surprising both of us quite a bit, we grew to be lovers. After a nice but much too brief run, we hit rocky times where she ended up someone else's lover instead of mine. We are again cordial and mix easily in the same small incestuous community without friction.

VIKTOR - Panther's husband of many years, a man I've considered a friend, and now Nia's lover.

PANTHER - Viktor's wife, someone who has been a good friend and occasional lover over the years, and who has shared some extreme ritual journeys with me. She's never shy about expressing her opinion.

JAMES- A local man who has earned much respect for the honor he does to the discipline of Japanese rope bondage. He created and facilitated the ART-BOUND performance and has also helped me with rigging for ritual.

ROBYN- A friend locally who basically got off the same space ship I did when we landed on Planet Earth. We are both bi poly switches who primarily top and who are into purely sensation instead of D/s. At times a roommate in out-of-town forays.

LYDIA - A local diarist who is a published pornographer of note, who has worked on sexpositive smut. Panther and other friends have been among her subjects.

STEPH- A local friend who is one of the most intense bottoms I know, and at the same time a very very spiritual lady. She and I have shared group ritual space often and she has assisted me make several of my own rituals powerful and holy.

KSLAVE- Another Seattle diarist, a quiet suburban housewife until she gets to the playspace. She's a joy to play with, which I try to do periodically.