August 2nd

Another nice weekend around Casa Throckmorton.

Friday stretched the margins from mundane to the wonderful. At least I guess sitting in the Jiffy Lube lobby reading the day old newspapers qualifies as mundane. Then I got email from Ealain telling me that her documentary had been accepted to be shown in the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival in October. Incredible great news! And later that evening that Linus and I had a date that qualified as it's own sort of wonderful.

Every month with a fifth Friday the Wet Spot has what they call "Dykes & Fags in Kink" ... a party with the emphasis on kinky queer folks. Linus was my date, and Ealain had a date with the lovely M. The first two hours of the evening were devoted to a workshop on internal anal play. Half of the workshop was discussion - anatomy, safety, cleansing, etc. - and then there was a demonstration of a nice long slow anal and rectal massage. I learned stuff and did envy the lucky stunt bottom sitting in the sling getting massaged in the interests of education.

Linus had to take a nap after work but showed up just after the workshop broke up. He had stopped by the house earlier in the week and we dusted off half a dozen of my old electrical toys that have been sitting on the shelf in the basement for a few years. He took a couple of items with him to tweak - buy fuses for electrical toys, rewire electrode connections, that sort of thing. We set up in a room on a padded massage table, and started hooking up wires and extension cords, electrodes and dials, and so forth. I didn't restrain him, although I learned that it wouldn't be a bad idea.

The first thing I demo'd was my medical suction machine, which I've hooked up to tubing that comes out to funnels on two lines, which are perfect for female breasts. As Linus is a fairly streamlined boy, after a few minutes we set it aside.

Next up was the Mean Green Machine [those are three links to some of my past adventures with the MGM]. I started hooking electrodes up while Linus took a conductive cock ring and inserted his entire dick and balls through it so that it was zapping around the base of his package. I had electrodes on his lower belly above his pubes, on the insides of each leg, a large one taped over the base of the spine, the cock ring, plus I had a couple of defibrillator paddles hooked up that I kept moving around. I'd switch a couple of sets of red and black wires between the various electrode combinations to vary the sensations. Later I took a couple of long lengths of heavy gauge copper wire and wrapped them around his thighs, and started hooking up a hand crank machine [a legacy piece given me by Al D - and I didn't realize it until I just searched for a photo link, the exact one which was used in the link's picture!]. The difference between the crank and the MGM is that although the MGM pulses and has adjustments and such, it's a regular and regulated surge. The crank machines are much more raw and erratic. I mixed in a violet wand a bit as well.

Did the boy like it? Gadzooks, but he was screaming such that there were multiple times when the DM's came over to peek in the room to make sure he was OK, and times when I happened to glance out into the main dungeon floor and all eyes - big eyes with lots of white around them - were turned in horror. He sure did like it, a whole lot.

Next time - we didn't get to it this time - the Relax-A-Cisor [mentioned here but I couldn't find a picture of it].

Such a nice boy, once I said that we were done he showed that he is a very respectful and thoughtful bottom. It looks like a Lazy Top Toy to just push buttons and turn dials, but the topping was exhausting. He got dressed and before anything else carried all of my multiple cases of toys out to the trunk of my car, and then sat naked at my feet and gave me a long sensual foot rub. Sigh.

After that, we adjourned to the back room, where I stretched out prone on a mattress while Linus gave me a most excellent back massage. Leading to a buttocks massage. Leading to a rosebud massage. Leading to his grabbing Ealain's dildo, on loan, and fucking the living daylights out of me with it. Oh. My. Gawrd. Suddenly, while I was doing the "more more harder harder" stuff he happened to strike my prostate in that direct manner that launches one into the pillows face first. I was jerking like I'd short circuited for about five minutes, while trying to get it together enough to reassure him that I wasn't having a seizure.

By the time we had showered the massage oil off and recovered, Ealain and her date had taken off. Word we got later was that the girls had every bit as much fun in their own way as the boys did in our way. I tried to stay out of their scene, but every time I looked over across the room it sure looked to me like they were having a ball.


Saturday afternoon I met Ealain and we went to a nice little barbecue in Volunteer Park, a thank you for the volunteer staff at the Northwest Film Forum. It was through the equipment available for volunteers that she was able to complete the film, and I think it was special for her to be able to thank individuals there for their support. I enjoyed my chats with some of the folks, even though I knew no one.

Saturday night I was DMing and mentoring a rookie DM [who will do just fine, I believe, on her own after this] and Ealain was socializing until I got off. We pretty well headed on home to bed fairly quickly after my shift was over. Sunday morning - homemade blueberry pancakes with fresh picked wild blueberries and thick cut bacon. Yummy. Before heading off on our trip to Bellingham for the afternoon we went back to bed for The Sex, and working off some of those calories from the blueberries and bacon. I'm always amazed at just how wonderful it is to have sex with her, day after day, time after time, and we both are learning and growing and healing each and every time. I'm so blessed by the gods and goddesses to have such a partner.

We turned the entire rest of the day into a mini vacation. She drove the entire way and allowed me to enjoy the countryside. I'm normally the driver and can't see the countryside, plus she really enjoys driving, so it was a good tradeoff. The basic idea was to visit Dad but we improvised. On the way we were listening to the Mariners so we hit a couple of convenience stores along the way for chips and dips so that we would walk into his place for the last half of the game providing our own snacks. Visiting Dad was great, and we had a pleasant dinner in the dining room of his retirement community with him.

Driving home was the real bonus. Pulling out of Bellingham we first drove down the length of Chuckanut Drive, and then she asked me to check the map for further alternative routes. We went about five miles east of I-5 and followed state route 9 all the way from Mount Vernon down to Bothell. It took an hour and 40 minute drive and turned it into a 3 hour drive, and it was so worth it. Lakes and trees and country homes and yard sales and - it'll be our north/south route now, when we don't have to keep to an exact schedule.


And that's the update. Family times, slut times, sadist times, leisure times - and it is all good. I have a very good life, and am allowed to share it with wonderful people.

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