August 25th

Well, that was certainly refreshing.

I just got back late Sunday night from my time with Beverley and the annual Pirate Adventure that Sagacity has. You can see some of the plans and logistics in that link.

Thursday I drove up to Beverley's, and first thing Friday morning another couple joined us and the four of us headed for the ferries to Victoria. Once there we drove to a private marina to board the private 45 footer that we then sailed on. It was a beautiful day, and screamed for me to go skyclad. Other folks kept putting on jackets, but I just enjoyed lounging around without my kilt, gathering a sunburn. An hour or so out there came another ship alongside, also flying the Jolly Roger, and also crewed by and transporting Sagacity members. We had by that time several baskets full of water balloons, and had a catapult rigged of surgical tubing. I ended up doing much of the gunning and got three strikes on the other ship! It sure isn't as easy as you might think.

Halfway to our eventual destination we pulled into a sheltered cove to have our picnic lunch and some of us went ashore. We found a lighthouse and a small helipad, however the helipad was fairly universally declared a sacrificial altar. A rope appeared, and suddenly Beverley found herself secured in the four cardinal directions to the helipad tie-downs. I brought out a braided cat and a couple of single-tails and had at it. Something about doing this bondage and flogging on a cliff of an island, overlooking many other islands, the blue sky and the beautiful water, just caught all of our fancies. You never know when one of the ferries passing by has a tourist with a 700 power lens, taking the images on home to Paris or Tokyo or wherever. We took no photos, however Beverley still has a memento on her sit-upon that will give her memories for a while yet to come.

Once on our final destination, we shuttled on to the site of our adventure. There were about 40 folks in all, many of whom wore variations on pirate gear all weekend. I knew only a couple of the people there, although several introduced themselves and stated that they had observed the saline injections I performed on Beverley at the Ides of March party in Victoria a couple years ago. Here Beverley and I had a room in the house and my good luck to travel with an elegant lady. Most folks had a tent assigned to them. Meals were provided and there was a lot of play occurring around the clock. Several wonderful people were nice enough to play with me. I won't bring too many tales out of school, but I will give you some of the basics, in vignette form.

One evening I was strung up in suspension bondage, hanging from some substantial beams overhead. It was exquisite, and I went far away in trance breathing. One lovely redhead kept in constant contact, gently touching or scratching or whispering to keep me in touch with the soft side of things. At one point she had half a dozen people doing the same [I still don't know who most of them were - I was eyes closed, head down, and focussing on breathing]. I came up once and whispered "Tell Beverley to come take her revenge", and next thing I knew I was being paddled with hands and a buggy whip. The two men who had strung me up brought me back down safely and gently, and the entire exercise was pleasant and well done.

I had the opportunity to vanish with a very delightful lady into the dark at one point. We took a blanket and wandered out behind the tents under the trees. There is something so delicious about two naked people making happy with a light warm wind, and the moon and stars up in the sky above the towering pines. She had informed me from our first conversation that she had a master who had granted her the right to play with certain limits, and she was very honorable in observing those limits, and showing him respect. Within her guidelines we still had a ball in the woods for about 45 minutes. You know you have a jewel when you have sex for 45 minutes, she doesn't stop giggling for 45 minutes, and she literally doesn't stop ejaculating the entire time. It's such a great thing to see someone so grasp her Goddess so thoroughly. I'll be getting in touch with her master directly with my appreciation of the opportunity.

At another time, right around breakfast one day if I recall correctly, I was invited down to a tent by a gentleman to give his girlfriend Introduction to Play Piercing 101. She took to it like a champ. Within the first few needles she was laying back, eyes closed and smiling. She seemed to climb several steps at different times during the piercing, getting higher and higher. At one point her master and I began to give her comfort. He cradled her and I helped her manually to a really nice ejaculatory orgasm. Obviously, I'm glad it was on their sleeping bag....

One of the planned activities was a slave auction. It is done as a fund raiser for their organization and was the first slave auction I've ever attended. Fifteen folks put themselves up for sale. It was all very blind - the slaves mentioned in writing a few things about themselves and how long they offered. Some offered 3 hours in service, some 4 hours, some even longer. The paragraph written about each one by the staff were so flowery that some of the slaves didn't recognize themselves, and very very few could be recognized by those bidding. As a coin we used beach glass. Beach glass was available in bags of 20 pieces each, and the bidding went anywhere from 20 pieces to 700 pieces. I got into the spirit of things and bought two young slave girls, while Beverley bought the services of a top who would serve her as a do-me queen. Not being a DS sort of fellow I'm not all that used to ordering slaves around, so we faked it. While waiting for dinner one of my slaves brought warm cinnamon oil and rubbed my sore feet. I reclined on a blanket and pillow under the trees and had my dinner cut and fed me, and when I couldn't decide on desert an assortment was presented. After dinner I took my two slaves into the house and put each into a rope body harness, and then secured them face to face. They alternated between giggling and making a peep-like noise as I had them circle first clockwise, then counterclockwise, while I flogged whatever skin of whoever happened to be closest to me. I must find myself further slave auctions!

There were many other fun instances... the late night cluster at the doorway to the kitchen that kept sliding into sexual grab-ass ... the loud activities in one tent or another being distracting to folks outside the tent ... the pirate walk [15 or so slaves tied in a line to one long rope] a mile or two down to the beach with civilians driving by smiling and waving ... and then Sunday there was the travel back home.

Fuckaduck. Luggage was carried down to the road, and then a van shuttled bags and bodies to the ferry dock. We walked on the ferry there on Galiano Island, and rode to Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island. Juggled things around there to get our car from parking and loaded up on the ferry from there back to the mainland. Two highlights on our ferry rides were getting to hold the one week old infant of a Sagacity couple, and then for quite some time en route to Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal on the mainland we had a playful pod of killer whales sporting alongside. It was another hour drive from the terminal back to Beverley's house where I had left my car, and then I started the drive home. She had given me directions to a border crossing with generally shorter lines, but it still took two hours to get up to the booth. "Where are you going?" "Home." "Are you bringing anything back?" "Me and a bunch of tired." "Go." Two hours for that?

I stopped for a steak dinner on the way home. I finally walked in the door of the house here at 11pm. My Three Hour Tour had actually taken 12 hours to get home. Argh - so exhausted I'll still be tired next month, but obviously a weekend well spent. I consider myself very lucky to have been invited and even more so to have indulged in such large bites of life. Life is truly quite good.

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