August 20th

I've been having a goodly bit of fun this summer.

Two weeks ago I was up to Canada at the invitation of Beverley for a house party. Fanny Wurlitzer, a well known Vancouver body modification artist, and I got our first chance to work together. We've known each other for years, and have many mutual friends, but Beverley brought us together. Selfless that she is, Beverley also offered up her own skin for us to work on.

Fanny and I worked up from 25ga to 23ga to 21 ga needles, a little pattern of half a dozen of each size on each of her breasts; Fanny on her right side and I on her left. About the time that we put the shish-ka-boobs through - the two 18ga 3-1/2 inch long spinal tap needles - through her breasts from one side to the other - the room of eager observers began to trickle out. By the time we threaded pale blue monofilament line in the hubs of the spinal tap needles under her armpits and then pulled the pinkishly tinged line out the sharp ends of the needles over her sternum, the exodus was rapid. By the time we tied the monofilament lines off to the overhead eye-bolts and allowed Beverley to lay back totally supported by the steel skewering her breasts, only a photographer or two remained. I was really disappointed that I wasn't able to plunk a banjo tune on the taut lines, and I couldn't find my tuning fork either! We made do, though, and it was great fun. I'm gonna have to work with Fanny again.

I'm heading up to see Beverley again tomorrow. She has invited me to go away on a Pirate's Adventure to an island somewhere off of Victoria sponsored by the Segacity folks. If I'm not back by sometime around the end of the weekend, send out the Coast Guard.


This past Sunday was great. Catsy and I drove up to my Dad's place a couple of hours north of here. He's never driven much so I let him get some miles under his belt behind the wheel and he is learning well. Amazing how better you learn at 29 than at 15. Once at Dad's we headed on out to a park where we had a cookshed and surrounding area reserved. This was our first family reunion since Reno in 1984. Some are gone, many new ones have been added, and my Dad is now the elder statesman. I don't really think of him as a 'patriarch', as he doesn't rule. He is simple the most loved man I know. Having him introduce me to the fellow who has been his best friend since the farm 70 years ago - a man I've met many times over the year - was a pleasure. Hearing the stories, the dish - very little of it harsh, seeing the babies that have the same nose as Dad's mother did before she died 40 years ago. I spent a lot of time catching up with cousins I used to play catch with, but who have been spread all over the place over the years. Photographs galore were taken of every possible family grouping. Some of the mothers were as active in the water balloon fights as their kidlins. The second and third cousins coming up into puberty circle each other with the same mating dance that you see everywhere. Now, this paragraph is just as kaleidoscope as the afternoon was, so I'll leave it unedited.

Let me tell you about the food.

Several cousins go fishing a lot. and we had one fresh slab of salmon that was close to 4" thick, and a good yard long. I crushed a baggie full of garlic on it, squeezed several lemons, other cousins or uncles poured this and that all over it. Two more slabs of slightly smaller salmon were done with a carmalized brown sugar topping. The fish were exquisite. There were all sorts of dogs and burgers, at least 15 different things that were called salad ranging from Caesar's to green jello, and at least 4 types of potato salad. Other members of the family are farmers. The watermelon is that new breed that is seedless and very sweet. The tub of corn on the cob was harvested that morning, and it was about 10-15 gallons size. Strawberry shortcake? Fresh picked.

This is the harvest of the land and seas from common salt of the earth people. My family, and probably my father's last reunion. It was a great day.


When I come back from the Pirate Adventure I'll be in town three days before I leave for Wet Spot In Paradise. Life is rich and good.

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