August 4th

I spent the weekend out at the Longhouse for the Living Erotic Arts & Performance Festival and had a lot of fun. I was asked to run the security staff volunteers, and that included everything from hauling ice chests down to the nude or partially nude registrars at the front gate to patching up boo boos with bandaids.

Along with that was a generous portion of plain old fun. Erotic paintings abounded, as with erotic statuary and photographs [Molly had several self portraits that were very well done] and impromptu performances of erotic poetry and all sorts of whatnot. Saturday and Sunday both I was body painted by a troupe that called themselves 'The Gilded Nipple'. Saturday I was painted with the image of a woman's vision of an expanding tantric orgasm [please don't tell her that later I was asked if it was a bok choi], and Sunday I was painted all over with cloven hoof prints, and a line from a poem - 'Pan went walking last night, and left tracks'. Thanks, folks!

There were bands each day ranging from Lady A's Blues Band to Gaia Consort - pagan folk, and I'm listening to one of their CDs as I compose this entry - to ... well, the artist is known as "The Sexually Active Corpse". I heard him - and it was bizarre - but didn't see him. I don't know if he matched up to a review I found of him online or not [" Not as exciting, it's true, as the previous week's guest Sexually Active Corpse, a sort of gay, electro GG Allin tribute in which a nice young man took off his pants, shaved his pubes, put them in a pipe, and smoked them." - The Seattle Weekly] Whatever. You can't say we're not an eccentric mix.

At one side of the meadow - it is filled with rocks reminiscent of Stonehedge - was a 16' penis, one end buried in the ground and the logical end rising straight up to the sky. There was an apparatus built around it. After dark on Saturday night we were first treated to the amazing beauty of a young girl - early 20s, guys - who did incredibly skilled rope work. Gymnastics and contortions up in the air above the penis, and whirling and twirling with no net. In mid contortion she would pull an area of her costume aside and caress herself just before hurtling five foot higher or lower into a new intricately balanced position. I'm so sorry I didn't get her name, as I would go out of my way to see her perform again. Once she twirled herself to the ground the lights all went out and suddenly flames whooshed as they torched the 16' penis. It flared, and a line of flame rode up into the air from the upper tip - a flaming blue ejaculation. The flames soon expired, as they weren't truly burning it as firewood, but rather just a flaming of fuel over the surface of it. The little flame at the very top kept burning in the dark for a long time after, however.

Next up Saturday evening was a performance that sounded bizarre - I'm using that word a bit - but actually turned out to be pretty spectacular. One of the organizers of the event is quite good at playing piano. the spotlight opened on a piano sitting on a disc about 15' across - suspended about 3-4' in the air. He sat down and played for about 10 minutes, very pleasant music. At a certain point he lit a fuse on one end of the piano, and kept on playing. As the piano lit up in flames, sparklers and zipping fireworks going off every few minutes and flames eating away at the body of the instrument, he kept on playing, apparently Nero of the day. This went on for some time, but when the flames began to consume the keyboard he took himself and his chair off of the platform and we all enjoyed watching until the entire piano had collapsed into a pile of ash. I have absolutely no idea what the intent was, or what symbolism he may have involved in this passion of his, but it was an experience to enjoy. I also enjoyed it as I was sitting with an old friend and her new girlfriend, and they added a bit of beauty to the moment for me.

I slept at home instead of at the site - I'll be there for 4-5 days over Labor Day weekend for Wet Spot in Paradise. and my arthritis isn't too accommodating of camping these days. Sunday I was back out for much more of the same, swimming in the pool both days and at one point Sunday afternoon I did some piercings on a young lady's back. She was sharing and trusting enough to let me see her cry. Not from the piercings, but from whatever they evoked for her. I liked doing it out in the open meadow next to the Stonehedge boulders, but next time I'll be doing it with a bit of shade. We had to push water for her to drink every moment or two and the midday heat was just too oppressive as an 'added factor'.

I spent quite a bit of time late afternoon Sunday floating in the swimming pool chatting with some very nice folks from the Sextopia group. I really like how many sex positive groups are spreading and gathering life - in response, I believe, to the oppressive sex-negative society that Bush is pushing. Especially since Shawn and I started dating I've been enjoying how much more soft touch, sexual and sensual touch has been entering my life, more than the exclusively SM that was so much a factor previously. I hope to spend more time with the Sextopia group. I'm not walking away from SM - i'm just looking to include much more. Hell, I've talked about this a lot since my last painful relationship breakup.

August is gonna be a sprint run hard. This coming weekend I'm going to Vancouver to see Beverley, the following weekend is our first family reunion since 1984, the following weekend Beverley has some sort of party off on an island we're going to, and then we're at time for Paradise.

Live is going to be tiring, but oh so good.

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