August 2nd

Some friends have mused on god, God, and similar topics in their journals. I always enjoy such when they are discussions and mutually provoking, instead of battling of idees fixes. With people such as Shawn and Vamp these discussions are always valuable.

Mother passed away a few years ago. I have a book, usually thrown into the stack of reading material in the throne room, that she gave me right after high school. "Hope you find this thought provoking, Love Always Mother Christmas 1968". The book is "Prayers for the Self Sufficient - A Negative Approach To God", by Father Don Kanaday. He continues to write, as far as I know, however this book has been out of print for some time.

Looking back now, I'm quite lucky in how Mother always attempted to give me room for my own thoughts and wishes - and Dad always has as well, of course. When I see others with their parents rigidly enforcing their own hang ups, religiosity, and narrowness on their adult children, I have to once again feel gratitude.

Here are a couple of samples from the book, for example...

Our Father

Our Father? Whose Father?
Certainly not mine.
I know my father, and he knows me.

If "Thy Kingdom come" means
I await Your rule, I must
tell You, I do not.

Your rule is stern,
and I am free.
I can accept no law
from One who hides from me.

I require neither Your bread
nor Your forgiveness.

Lead me neither to temptation
nor away from it. I will find my own way.

And deliver me from nothing
but Your constant interference.

One further, speaking a bit closer to home for the Slut...

For Chastity

Lord, do not permit the
contagious weakness of my flesh
to contaminate my will.

Let me rise above my carnal lusts,
so I may be assured that
any act which I engage
does not offend You.

Bearing always in mind, of coure,
my years of education,
my intellectual attributes
and my freedom of conscience.

So that, in fairness,
the definitions against which
I am judged should be mine,
not Yours.

Is it any wonder I ended up with a self-concept similar to that which Valentine Michael Smith promulgated? [...yes, that's 3 separate links, folks...].


And I'm off for the weekend to help with the Living Erotic Arts Performance Festival [LEAP Festival].

It's all of us who make life so good. Keep on keeping on.

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